The Guess a Movie Screenshot Thread


That sounds about right … though I assume it was an artistic choice to film in B&W rather than a cost cutting tactic.

There’s a SW connection, in that a young Donal O’Brien makes an appearance.

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Haven’t seen the film but these clues made me end up with The Train.


Yes it is ‘The Train’ (1964) … a must see, if I may suggest. :grinning:

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Let’s try this:




Classic … on my soon to re-watch list :wink:

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Yep, that’s the one.


Never seen this in English but it’s a favorite. This is a Poliziotteschi not a bawdy Italian comedy. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Mino Guerrini Ganster 70 ?


Confessions of a Police Captain ? … which sounds like it could be a bawdy sex comedy :crazy_face:


It’s not Gangster 70 or CoaPC, which I did see, the eurocrime version, that is… :wink:

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Storie di vita e malavita


It’s not that one.


This is an anti-hero movie. The protagonists are the good bad-guys and the antagonists are the bad bad-guys.


‘Gang War in Milan’ aka ‘Milan rovente’ :grinning:


Correct! I just looked it on Wikipedia and they have the quote below. That s what struck me most when I was watching.

"Director [Umberto Lenzi] later felt that the films story had “a basic error on the behalf of the producers […]. We shouldn’t have made the protagonist a pimp. You can have a pickpocket, a drug dealer, or a killer, but not a pimp, because the viewer doesn’t sympathize with him. He’s a dirty soundrel with whom you can’t identify”.

By the way, Antonio Sabata’s son is running for Congress in California. Most people here know who Sabata jr is but didn’t know who his father was or that he was an Italian movie star.

Edit: Except, with the quote, I didn’t think it was an error. I liked the movie.


Look at ‘Tuco’, … he was much worse than a pimp, and we all love that card cheating child molesting rapist :rofl:


I assumed Tuco was up on a few false charges.:thinking: The over-the-top severity of his exhausting list of crimes sounded like it was included for laughs and ridiculous in scope.


It just shows you, if you’ve a great personality, people will forgive anything! … I think Tuco is guilty of everything listed, and yet it’s so ridiculous, that it is funny.

Have a look at this freak show ( kindly intended ) still as controversial as in 1971

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Mario Adorf in Manhunt/La mala ordina proves that assumption wrong.