The Guess a Movie Screenshot Thread

(kevenz) #8122

does it features Tomas Milian ?

by the way I watched Syndicate Sadists this week and Tomas Milian is called Rambo in this movie… I wonder if Sylvester Stallone watched this movie back in the day or it’s pure coincidence :slight_smile:

(Bill san Antonio) #8123

They took the name for Milian from The First Blood book so basically Milian was the first guy to play John Rambo. Good question for a film quiz.


It’s not Genova a mano armata and Milian is not in the movie.


A leading-man level SW actor is in this…


Is it ‘The Blue Eyed Bandit’ with Franco Nero ?


It’s not The Blue Eyed Bandit, This movie may have been somewhat banned in certain countries in Europe. Maybe not a UK release.


This actress is part of the cover art for most posters/dvd-covers I’ve seen for this movie.

(kevenz) #8129

This looks like Gabriella Giorgelli…


It’s not Gabriella Giorgelli.


It also looks like Caroline Munroe, but I don’t think she did any Euro crime flicks ?


I’ve never seen this flick, but that looks like Richard Harrison with the binoculars. Terminal something…


It’s not Caroline Munroe or Terminal Force but it is Richard Harrison with the binoculars above.

I thought this was one of the top five Eurocrimes.


Well, I do recognise Nello Pazzafini, so this is ‘Mad Dog Killer’, or ‘Beast with a Gun’ ?




This should be a little less taxing … but who knows!


I know that it’s 133 min and has directors. :wink:


…As in, this was directed by more than 1 person and that other director was uncredited. :thinking:


I didn’t know that until now, Cheers :grinning:



It was supposedly the last big budget action-genre movie to be filmed in b&w.