The Guess a Movie Screenshot Thread


Spot on ! aka Stagecoach of the Condemned, or 'La diligencia de los condenados’


Euro crime flick with some skin.



‘I Kiss the Hand’ - 'Baciamo Le Mani’

Great Euro-crime with John Saxon :grinning:


That’s the one.:clap:


On my watch list.


Here’s another excellent one, worth checking out if you haven’t seen it yet


I will. On some level that guy reminds me of this previous guy. :thinking:



This should make it a little easier :wink:

PS: Your crazy monk guy, isn’t in this one … but some of his relatives may well be.

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I find this topic confusing nowadays. Too many extra pictures.


Extra pictures are added as clues, if the first screencap is too difficult. How can that be more confusing ? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I meant extra pictures that are not meant to be guessed. But then again I did post some too earlier…


Just to add to the confusion :crazy_face:


Is it Mafia 2 Giorno Della Civetta?


'Il Giorno della Civetta aka Mafia … correct!

Fab movie, highly recommended :wink:


I’ve started watching it in Italian without subtitles, so I had to read the movie and book synopsis first to get a little insight.

I am certain that there are some people who are familiar enough with this Poliziotteschi below that they could guess it with only this clue:


Wild guess … ‘Violent Naples’ ? :thinking:


Not Violent Naples, although I had to check because this movie has the most English release titles I’ve seen.


I realised after posting, that the petrol pump say Genoa or Genova, which is at the opposite end of Italy to Naples / Napoli … I’m sure one of our Euro Crime buffs will figure it out. :wink:


Despite the clues, this movie is not about petrol. :wink:

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Genova a mano armata?