The Guess a Movie Screenshot Thread


Another great movie, but not Touch of Evil.


Another character included. Main character on the lower pic.

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Murder by Contract


Correct, Rutledal!

"The film has exerted an influence on American cinema, most notably on director Martin Scorsese, who famously cited Murder by Contract as “the film that has influenced him the most.”


I’ve never heard of it gulp … must check it out soon. :wink:

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I watched it last summer, instantly one of my favourite noirs.


I’m pretty sure I know this one but what do you mean by noir? In the US, noir is usually a dark low budget crime movie between 1940-60 like Double Indemnity.


That’s ‘Jeremiah Johnson’ … not the best known Film Noir ! LOL :rofl:

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Murder by Contract is the noir in question, you know, from the previous question.

@aldo that is correct, thought I could fool you for a round by avoiding snowy pics but alas.


Realised that … just having a bit of fun.

‘Jeremiah Johnson’ is an all time favourite, so, nice try! :wink:


1968 Euro Western


Murder by Contract was low budget but great writing. I always wanted to know what was next.

Below for those who haven’t seen it.: It’s not 2 hours long, this just repeats the movie about the 1:20:00 mark…


Made at the height of the Euro Western boom, this one has a very broad international cast, but no Italians ( I think ?)




Absolutely … and that’s Stephen Boyd, from my home town :crazy_face:


Didn’t Shalako also star the Scottish Fabio Testi? :wink:


That’s right, Fabio McTesti :rofl:

Your screen is from ‘Killer Kid’





Leading man and leading lady pictured here, plus typical Mexican thug. Name that movie :grinning:


I’ll forgive you, before i’ll kill you.:thinking: