The Guess a Movie Screenshot Thread

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here’s an easy one I guess, it’s a Poliziesco or Poliziotteschi or Eurocrime (whatever is the official name) that I watched yesterday.

You can see comic books for Sartana, Zorro, Tex and bunch of others stuff in the background :wink:


Is that Almost Human, the movie where Milian plays a psycho and people are hung from chandeliers?

Damn, that girl in Last of the Badman is attractive! And that is a clear copy.

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Correct :slight_smile:


This was made in the early 70s but for some reason had an 80s feel to me.


That’s ‘Yancy Tucker’, aka Robert Donner, in ‘Santee’ 1973


Wow! I just heard about it yesterday. Correct, of course.

I thought I was watching Tex Willer 1985 for a while when watching this Tex Willer-described version of Santee on Youtube:

Tex Willer i Wladca Otchlani - 1985 - [Western][Przygodowy] [napisy]


Ok … here’s a pair of horse’s asses on location in Almeria 1970 (release date’71)

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Hannie Caulder maybe… or Blindman.


Not either of those :anguished:


Study the pic closely … there are significant clues.


That menu on the wall is making me hungry.


Wonder how many stars the place gets for hygiene ? :thinking:

Keep looking at what else is pasted on the wall, and you should be able to identify the film.


I suspect this movie has few letters in the title. :thinking:


LOL … I think you are nearly there :rofl:


What gave it way was the restaurant menu’s “f” in “fried eggs” which represented “Faye” as in Faye Dunaway, who I then suspected must be in the movie, Doc. :wink:


Could be the shortest title in western film history ?

Faye Dunaway and Stacy (Steak) Keach in ’Doc’ 1971


Unexpected gem I recently watched to later discover that it influenced a major director more than any other flick.


Wild stab time … The Killing (1956) ?


Not The Killing but great Kubrick film(just the Killing not this).


Wild stab…

Touch of Evil?