The Guess a Movie Screenshot Thread


I won’t say what it is. I would say it’s not particularly easy. I just happen to be familiar with it.


Clue: Story takes places in New England, USA, but was filmed in Warwickshire, England.


Considered a classic of it’s genre … and like so many classic pictures, has a disaster of a re-make, which came out in 1999

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must be House on Haunted Hill :slight_smile: I love that creepy woman in this movie.

here’s a Poliziesco film that I just watched yesterday… if you can guess… it features a very popular spaghetti western actor in this picture.


The previous one hasn’t been solved yet but for the Poliziesco… I never forget a face :wink: and that is High Crime.

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The Haunting 1963


That’s it … I expect it’s Massimo’s turn as he got ‘High Crime’


A fight ensues… :man_dancing::man_cartwheeling:

Below that I threw in a trick one that is impossible to get so ignore the western one and I’ll give you a link to it later.

You don’t have to guess this one below. Separate movie.


Could it be ‘Carter’s Army’, aka ‘Black Brigade’ ?


It’s a more recognizable movie than that in a different genre.

As far as the western pic, check out this article on post processing modern 16 and 35 mm film to look like ‘authentic aesthetic of classic cinema’. Watch the short 3 minute western film(woman with tumbleweed).


That’s an entertaining little short, however the B&W footage looks much more convincing than the colour scenes.

It’s lacking some authenticity - framing, aspect ratio, type of lens used, lack of grain - One character appears to be a sort of Randolph Scott, 1950s ‘square’, and his opponent in the duel, more 1970s hippy psycho (that’s being kind) :grinning:

The location is Almeria, Spain … and the western town, Fort Bravo, formerly known as ‘Texas Hollywood’ - nice try, but no cigar!


…and the tumbleweeds were CG…but fooled me :thinking:.


I suppose that puts the wrangler lady out of a job :disappointed: lol


The star of the movie has been in a Tarantino film and this film has been referenced in one of Tarantino’s screenplays.

However, with those massive clues you now have to say the name of the movie, the name of the QT movie the star was in, plus the name of the movie with the QT screenplay where this movie was clearly referenced.

…Or, just guess this movie. :weary:


Not my area of expertise … but I’ll have a stab at ‘Streetfighter’ - 'True Romance, ‘Kill Bill’, Sonny Chiba ??? :anguished:


You are wrong in that it IS your area of expertise because you are correct on all counts.

Over to you, Aldo.


Most unexpected - I am 'Super-nerd :frowning: Tried watching ‘True Romance’ again, and only got 20 minutes in … Christian Slater = :nauseated_face:


Feast your eyes on this little beauty!

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Last of the Badmen :slight_smile: I’ll never forget that girl… !

I loved True Romance back in the 90s but I tried watching it again about 2 years ago on tv and found it super boring for some reason…… I guess it didn’t age well.


Correct, your turn, Kevenz :wink: