The Guess a Movie Screenshot Thread


Any excuse to post a pic of Raquel ! … I’ve a copy of this paperback, somewhere. :wink:


And furthermore, the Randolph Scott/Harry Joe Brown collaboration is known as the Ranown Cycle which signifies…blah, blah, blah------ Here’s more Raquel! :grinning::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Fun is over … now back to some hard guessing :smiley:

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The Hannie Caulder images are well marketed - a pity the images are not reflected in the movie!

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Even better, I once read a synopsis that Raquel wears only poncho, and that every time she wants to shoot, she has to leap up that poncho.

Boy, was that disappointing not to find such a scene in Hannie Caulder, that would surely have saved it from mediocrity.


The idea is still ripe for a director to put in a movie today.


Two major TV cowboys had starring roles in this movie :thinking:


There is a movie that makes perfect sense being the movie you describe. Pancho Villa, as the preceding post has RW wearing a pancho. It also stars two major tv western cowboys, Clint Walker and Chuck Connors.

Out of this whole list: Chuck Connors is the only one I see that Americans would consider a major TV western cowboy and Walker isn’t on that list.

Edit: A quick 32X scan of PV tells me it is not the movie.


Hmmm….".A Man Called Sledge":thinking:


It’s not ’Pancho Villa’ … but nice guessing - My next clue, just for fun was it’s Iranian release date … 10th Feb 1971 … I’m sure that’s a big help ? :rofl:


Spot on ! … Your turn Lone Gringo :grinning:


Damn, there weren’t many SWs that qualified with your description. I’ll have to eventually watch Sledge. On the surface it seems like a jovial, American-ish non-SW.


It’s a pretty tough little movie - although it has an American director and mainly American leads, it’s a Dino de Laurentiis production, with many Italian and Spanish regulars also participating.

Starts with a stagecoach robbery were the driver gets his face blown off … cosy ! LOL :smiley:


Grazie aldo.

Ok, let’s try a Swashbuckler.


Suddenly sounds watchable. :grin::cowboy_hat_face:



I’m not much on swashbuckling, however … is it ‘Angelique’ (1964) ?


I’ll make it easy for you.


The Lion of Saint Mark 1963



Over to you.