The Guess a Movie Screenshot Thread


Thanks, Lone Gringo.

This possibly cryptic one would be very easy for me because it is one of my all-time favorites.


Dirty Harry ?


Yes! With the cool Lalo Schifrin background music.

You’re up, Aldo.


Yep … still a classic - Got to see this on the big screen when I was a wee bit too young … loved every second of it :grinning:

This was on TV recently … lousy movie but this frame does compensate


Well, I sure know who that is and I could find out the movie pretty quickly but I’ll let someone else guess.

I, too, was fortunate to see Dirty Harry in a movie theater as it was in limited re-release in my area years after it came out in '71.


This is presumably a still from a TV viewing which may explain the aspect ratio but TVs today have wider aspect ratios and would allow widescreen presentations. Other than who the actress is, the next question with this particular actress, who incidentally did a lot of TV movies, is was this originally a television or theatrical movie? She’s covered up but would this exposure still be too much for perhaps 1970s television censors? It would seem so but why would the aspect ratio be television-ish when modern TVs can uncroppingly accommodate theatrical movies? Could this be a theatrical movie that is now only widely available in an old television format…


It is a TVM … and the channel that screened it generally show movies in their original AR, however, sometimes they screen pan scans also, perhaps because it’s all that’s available to them.

The epic cleavage is certainly risqué for a 70s TV film, but there you go … who’s complaining! :grinning:


2nd Screen shot


Downtown Abbey: The Movie?


Looks like a Great movie.


Oh … so close! :rofl:

It is, in name only :smiley:


This is a tricky one, there is no escaping that fact. :grinning:


Let’s see… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

There are three main actor’s images in the 2 screenshots.
The movie was made in the 1970s.
All three actors were in the casts of major 1970s US TV shows.
It was a made for TV movie.
Half the name of the movie was mentioned in a related above post.
The basic time period of the movie is shown in the costumes.
The post above this may be a clue.


Do you suppose anyone cares ??? :laughing:

Go ahead, Massimo … put us out of our misery.


I care. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Aldo, you have discovered/created a never before internet-published still-shot of Adrianne Barbeau.

The answer is The Fantastic Erik Weisz :lying_face:, aka The Great Houdini.


Correct :grinning:




Could it be ‘I Crudeli’ aka ‘The Hellbenders’ (1967) ?


No, but I loved Hellbenders.

Clue: This movie is in a very rare category of SWs.