The Guess a Movie Screenshot Thread


Not that one, but you’re on the right track.


Mmmmm … is that Richard Harrison, and if so, perhaps it’s The Spy Killers ?


It’s Harrison, but not The Spy Killers.


’Bob Fleming: Mission Casablanca’, aka 'The Killers Are Challenged’

UK viewers are likely more familiar with this incarnation of ‘Bob Fleming’


That is correct, over to you aldo.


Thanks Lone,

… change of pace now. Good luck :smiley:


Is that Madeleine McCann’s mother?


No, I think it’s JK Rowling squatting behind a henhouse ! … clean your glasses, Dean. :grin:


This should make it a lot easier !? :smiley:

(Phil H) #7811



Correct, well done Phil - Dulcima (1971) Something of a forgotten gem :smile:

(Phil H) #7813

Someone else will need to step in and post one on my behalf as I can’t upload screenshots at the moment.


Ok … here’s one that should stump y’all :rofl:


First thing that came to mind was Bring Me The Head of Alfredo Garcia but that’s not it.


Good guess, but no cigar :wink:

Released one year after the movie you suggested.


I hope I can breakout of my guessing rut. :wink:


Too big a clue ? LOL … yep, it’s from that 1975 Bronson masterpiece ‘Breakout’ - your turn, Massimo :smile:


Narrowing it to 1975 didn’t hurt my chances :grinning:.

This is easy if you’re familiar with this genre but the exact name of this individual movie is needed.



This is a Japanese film which was part of a three film series. The character’s name was referenced in a Tarantino movie.

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Hanzo the Razor: Sword of Justice?