The Guess a Movie Screenshot Thread


Ah … Lea Massari in ‘The Colossus of Rhodes’ ? :smiley:


I liked her in I Want Him Dead.


Yep, and i believe it’s her only peplum that she was in.

Over to you :point_right:…aldo!


At least one well known SW regular in this pic … plenty of other big names in this flick too.


100 Rifles?


On second thought… Bad Man’s River.


Very good - I didn’t expect that to be guessed so quickly - Bravo!


Thanks, Aldo.

This actor’s family lived across the street from me when I was a kid. He primarily appeared on tv, including many western series. One of his sons is currently a director.

(Gordon Quid) #7790

I think this screenshot is from an episode of The Wild Wild West ? Great show BTW.


This screenshot was from a theatrical movie despite the aspect ratio.


Looks like Clu Gulager and Angie Dickinson in The Killers (1964) … didn’t this start life as a TV movie, but was deemed too rough for telly, and therefore given a theatrical release ?

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Yes I’m sure it is.

Siegel’s version of The Killers was indeed shot for TV, but then released theatrically. Just like The Hanged Man and later the western Stranger on the Run.


That’s it!

Yes, it ended up being stuck with the square tv look. It was directed by Don Siegel of Dirty Harry Fame.


I’ll be damned impressed if anyone gets this without a clue - Good luck!


It’s not Italian :smiley:


Ah…Ben Johnson “The Undefeated”:thinking:


That’s the one - Well done, Lone Gringo - your turn



Ok, let’s see what happens…


One more.


Recognise the machine gun guy as Freddy Unger aka Goffredo Unger, so could it be Lightning Bolt aka Operazione Goldman ??? :thinking: