The Guess a Movie Screenshot Thread


Massacre in Dinosaur Valley?


Yikes!!! A new accurate quick response record!

Did you like the movie, Dean?


Far from my favourite cannibal movie!

Next up…


I’m stumped … but I’ll throw in a wild guess and say ‘The Passenger’ (1975) ? :thinking:


A clue would be that it stars George Eastman :wink:


The second I saw the screenshot, I thought the Greek island horror movie Island of Death.

The second I saw George Eastman, I thought Anthropophagus.

Anthropophagus for the win.


Some of the finest schlock ever produced :+1:




That’s ‘The Deserter’ (1970)


At least I’m making them a little more difficult. Dean guessed Massacre in Dinosaur Valley in 2 minutes.



There’s been quite a few killed near that small church over the years … had to be certain which one :slightly_smiling_face:


Clues tomorrow if no one gets close - Good luck :smiley:


Big clue ? This guy :kissing:


Baciamo le Mani/I Kiss the Hand?:thinking:


It’s obviously Enter the Dragon.


Correct ! :smiley:


Obviously ! LOL ‘Enter the Dragon, Exit the Moustache’ :rofl:


Thanks aldo.

Ok try this.


Well that looks like Mimmo Palmara ? … so it could be one of dozens - I’ll have a stab and say ‘Goliath and the Sins of Babylon’ ( just 'cause it’s such a great title ) :thinking:


Not that one. Here’s another pic.