The Guess a Movie Screenshot Thread




Little Rita of the West ? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I meant the name of the coffin manufacturer :nerd_face:.

Just kidding :rofl:. Correct!


Try this one

(carlos) #7746

That vista reminds me of Lanky Fellow, and this guy appears…

but that could be Steffen…


In the newest SW releases, Steffen is being digitally replaced prompted by the unknown guy’s sudden cultist following. :lying_face:



Thanks for adding to the ‘Almeria Mystery Man’ files, Carlos … ‘Lanky Fellow’ is 1966 I believe, so this guy must be in all the flicks filmed at the so called Mini Hollywood, ‘El Paso’ set.
It’s an educated guess, but it’s not Steffen nor is it Taste for Killing aka Lanky Fellow :smiley:


Thanks Massimo, that’s kind of disturbing and hypnotic at the same time :rofl:

(Mickey13) #7750

This is quite terrifying


2nd screen capture - Clue: Neither Aldo Sambrell nor Fernando Sancho appear in this movie :smiley:

(carlos) #7752

Ah, the 1st pic must be Garko?


Well done ! ‘Charge!’ or ‘Those Dirty Dogs’ or ‘Campa carogna… la taglia cresce’

Your turn, Carlos :smile:

(carlos) #7754

Unfortunately, I don’t think your mystery man appears in that one :slight_smile:

Let’s try this one


Mmmmm … looks like Ken Clark in ‘Mission Bloody Mary’ ? :wink:

(carlos) #7756

That was too easy :slight_smile: Take it away aldo!


Here we go … if you recognise the actress, then there’s only a couple of possibilities which film this is.


That looks like Agata Flori and that may be from One Dollar Too Many 1968?.


That is correct … Bravo, Massimo! :smile:


Holy Crap! Total heuristics, educated guess, hunch,etc, etc… I didn’t even know her name before I quickly matched her face to photos. There were 6 potential westerns it could have been including a Zorro.

I’ll be back :muscle: with a screenshot.


This movie had everything but what was in the title.