The Guess a Movie Screenshot Thread


Is it Stranger in Paso Bravo 1968?


Correct ! Well spotted @Massimo :wink:


A clean shaven Steffen narrowed it down.

On retrospect this one may be too easy for people here but I thought it was a good idea when I captured the still :grimacing:.


Hint : This movie is mentioned several times on the Italian Crime Films thread.


That doesn’t narrow it down much! LOL :rofl:

Is it Tomas Milian with the machine gun ? … the source is a bit rough, so is this a rare one or is it just a screen shot from a VHS or Pan Scan release.


It’s a quick screenshot off of someone’s upload on a video site like Youtube. I don’t think it is particularly rare.

It’s not Tomas Milian with the machine gun but does star a top SW actor, although he is not in the screenshot.

*This SW star has been dubbed by someone else in at least one big movie that I’m sure of but seems to be mostly recorded during post production in English(for English speaking markets :smirk:) and in his own voice even though he is from Italy and has a definite Italian accent .


That sounds like a description of Franco Nero … so I’d guess the film could be ‘Confessions of a Police Captain’ ? :thinking:


:film_projector::policeman::policeman::policeman::movie_camera: Absolutely correct!


Any takers ?


No hints needed yet but right now I’m thinking the guy on the far left is some sadistic “gentleman” from a wealthy family petting an orange and those other guys are his “employees”. :thinking: :grinning:


I hadn’t even noticed the method acting orange petter … Nice theory, but you’re way off :smiley:


When the Devil Holds a Gun?


That’s close enough, A Colt in the Hand of the Devil (1973) your turn Lone Gringo :smiley:


Great job, Lone Gringo!

What is this one below? They called it Una Colt in Pugno al Diavolo, it features George Wang, but doesn’t seem to have Woods or Berger like Colt in the Hand of the Devil (1973)?


Yeah, some Spaghetti western titles are confusing, no…:confused:

Anyways, let’s try this.



’Violent Naples’ (1976) ? :wink:


Yep, that was an easy one.:astonished:

Over to you Aldo.


Thanks … here we go.


Ok. He is a very lean character actor, possibly tall. This may or may not be a western. He seems to be in some stone structure and possibly looking through a crack in the wall unseen at this angle or just facing a wall. He is wearing all black, possibly loose, clothing. Could he be a monk?


It’s a SW … and the character isn’t a monk, but does have some religious hang ups :wink: