The Guess a Movie Screenshot Thread


Vengeance is Mine?

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Neither of those 2.
The 2nd picture might be more familiar…


Is one of the 2 Arizona Colt Returns?

The last photo looks like Nicoletta Machiavelli but apparently isn’t.

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1st pic = Vengeance is Mine (Dean is right)

2n pic = Johnny Hamlet



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Apologies Dean - you were right - I have the movie listed under it’s alternative name ‘For $100,000 per Killing’
Well done Jonathan.

The first movie starred Gianni Garko, the second starred Andrea Giordana.


I’m really due to re-watch ‘Vengeance is Mine’ … completely forgot this scene.

Plus, ‘Johnny Hamlet’ has been on my ‘to do list’ for ages - thanks for the reminders :smiley:


Last round winners Dean and Jonathan, post your screenshots. :+1:



Henry Fonda in Young Mr. Lincoln.


You bet!


All right, I wouldn’t be able to guess this in a million years but this may be easy to a few of you.

I have a great hint about the director if no one gets it in 24 hours.


That’s a tough one! … not much to go on from the screen shot - any clues would be appreciated :smiley:


Sure! I have 2 clues. The first is the original screen shot from a Youtube clip which I did not color enhance. The only clips I’ve seen are so desaturated that they are nearly black and white. The clue being that it is the most unsaturated clip of any Italian western on Youtube that I am aware of :thinking:.

The better clue is that the Italian director is known for directing what is generally regarded as the definitive movie in a particular sub-genre. In Italian films, I would say this was a genre unto itself but broadly-speaking it was a sub-genre.


’I Quattro del Pater Noster’ 1969 Ruggero Deodato - Easy Peasy ! LOL :rofl:


Yes! Ruggero Deodato made “the one that goes all the way”, created a cannibal genre classic and, as far as I know, pioneered found-footage.


It was either going to be Deodato, Fulci or D’Amato … wouldn’t have had an idea except for the big clue … Cheers, now I’ll try and find a fiendish one for y’all :smile:


Ok … We all know this guy, but which of his 30 approx’ SWs is this from ?

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Gentleman Killer