The Guess a Movie Screenshot Thread

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Thanks Aldo. Let’s try this one


The redhaired girl with pigtails looks familiar … otherwise not much to go on :confused:
How about a clue ?

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Yes, a big clue.
A well known film from a director who gave us at least one spaghetti. I’ll post another pic in a while if no one has a guess.

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Here’s one that should help


It is beyond me. :wink:


The Beyond…:man_dancing:

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That’s right! Take it away Lone…


Thanks, Carlos.

Ok, here you go.



Is that Volonte in the background ?


Yes it is.


Then I’m guessing ‘Wake Up & Die’ (Svegliati e uccidi) ? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


The Mattei Affair?


Wake Up & Die it is.

And here’s Volonte’s brother just for the hell of it.mid

Back to you Aldo!:cowboy_hat_face:


Gracias - Here’s another SW which shouldn’t be too difficult :smiley:

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Is it They call him holy ghost?


Well done - that’s the one :+1:

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No screen shot but can anyone name 2 top SW’s where at nearly the end of the movie, a shot and dying woman saves (or tries to save) the main character who is hung/tied up by his arms and legs?


Any more hints? I can’t think of any SW that criteria would fit, much less 2 top ones.:weary:

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Here is a screen shot of 1 of the movies.
By top movie, I mean it is in my top 60 SW’s.

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Run Man Run?