The Guess a Movie Screenshot Thread Version 2.0

Well played. :laughing:

(2nd screenshot) That must be the guy studios called when they wanted an Oliver Reed-type.

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Oliver Reed-type? That is Oliver Reed! :joy: Is it The Rebel?


That’s correct - over to you, Sir :wink:

Try this one, chaps…

It’s a film I’m really fond of but the critics hated it!

’Name of the Rose’ … errrm, I mean ‘Pirates’ (1986)

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That’s right. Over to you, Aldo!

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Cheers :smile:

El Condor! You’re making it too easy!

I know I’m right, so I’ll just go ahead with this:

There’s a spaghetti western actor in this one.


No, not Fireback

The Commander?

Not The Commander.

‘War Bus’ ?

It’s definitely not War Bus. It’s a Filipino production, not an Italian one.

Hunter’s Crossing?

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You got it! Over to you, Bill!

Fireback was a close guess then… both films share most of the cast and crew. Fireback is one of my favorite bad films. So bad, it’s good.

Let’s try this:

Is it Hellfighters?

Not that one.