The Guess a Movie Screenshot Thread Version 2.0

Well the 10,000 closing mark was hit. Same rules apply as Soren’s original, this is only an extension of the first one. El Topo currently has the floor.

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Much oblige makesthemovie.

Ok Aldo, I actually seen the film not long time ago, not a bad one. I’ll post something later

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Here we go for another 10 000

An easy one for a starter

vlcsnap-2019-09-16-00h19m11s498 vlcsnap-2019-09-16-00h18m35s746 vlcsnap-2019-09-16-00h17m41s194

Morituri ?

Yap that’s the one Aldo

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Thanks …. here’s another pretty easy one.

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I know this one: The Man with the Golden Gun. One of Roger Moore’s better outings as James Bond. Christopher Lee was great as the villain.

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That’s it 007 :wink:

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Grazie Aldo,

Here’s the first Western still for the new Thread

‘W Django’ aka ‘Viva Django!’

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That’s the one Aldo, back to you mi amico

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Grazie, makesthemovie

Another spaghetti western … not that well known, but with familiar faces.

Pago cara su muerte

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Well done, Grinder - thought that would be more difficult. Nice little movie btw :+1:

Thanks :slight_smile:
I only have recognized that fast because a friend added German subtitels under that nice print and I recently watched it.

OK, so we stay in Spaghetti land:

A Fidani movie. I think ? :thinking:

At least close to a Fidani from optical point of view :wink:

Two more:

OK… I understand…we need a woman as help :wink:

No Graves on Boot Hill?

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Yessssssssss :slight_smile:
It`s your turn…