The Great Silence / Il grande silenzio (Sergio Corbucci, 1968)

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I know my old pal @ENNIOO doesn’t think much of anything Cox has done in the last few decades :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Received the blu ray today and just popped it in

Wow, what a great little video with Alex Cox briefly discussing Corbucci and the film. Somehow I never knew that Vonetta McGee was in Repo Man, despite it being one of my favorite films. I guess I just never realized who she was in general, as I’ve seen her in several blaxploitation flics as well.

Also did not know that Joe Kidd was a kind of rip off, if that’s true.

I think I remember wondering what the deal is with this snowy forest cabin Cox is filmed in from being in the same cabin for the previous US DVD release… maybe even posted about it in this thread if I scroll up


More Cox nonsense ! :roll_eyes:

As ‘The Great Silence’ wasn’t even released in the USA in the 60s, and Eastwood is no fan of Euro Westerns (not even those he appeared in) … not to mention the lack of similarities in story or character … this is a pretty inane statement.

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It’s been a while I read about this and I’ve forgotten my source but I remember that Clint really planned to make a remake of TGS. Maybe he even bought the rights to the film which could be a reason for film not being released in US. But apart from few similarities in Joe Kidd nothing ever surfaced.


This point actually came up quite recently … Twentieth Century Fox were to be the distributor in America, but they didn’t like the downbeat ending, so it never got released - So it’s very doubtful Eastwood ever saw or even heard of the film - Just like the supposed link between ‘High Plains Drifter’ and ‘Django the Bastard’.


And here’s a quote from Howard Hughes’ first Spaghetti Western book regarding The Great Silence :thinking:

Whole scenes appear unchanged in Hang 'Em High (1967), Joe Kidd (1972) and Unforgiven (1992).


Not quite following you here, Dean … is it suggested that these Eastwood films ripped off various SW ideas ? Quite possibly, but not so specifically.

I’m not taking Eastwood’s corner, just saying that certain SW-ologists are drawing conclusions based on very little or no evidence.


Nope, I’m currently reading the book and thought that bit would be of some significance to this discussion. I’m not sure what scenes are in question. All I can think of is the saloon ending in Unforgiven?

I agree.


Ok … there’s a sense of deja vu here :wink:

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I don’t remember much of such similarities. If any …

Hang 'Em High is not really possible, as TGS was released much later, actually in Dec 68. This is also something Cox got wrong, cause he thinks that TGS was released in Dec 67.

But his source is a 20th C. Fox manager who told him that they wanted to do a TGS remake with Eastwood, and Cox is not claiming that Clint really wanted to do it, but only asks instead “Did Clint really wanted to remake TGS?”. And only says about Joe Kidd that Fox made instead “a similar looking snowbound western” and that the Mauser pistol is in it.

Well, there’s actually not much snow in the not similar looking Joe Kidd, otherwise Cox doesn’t claim any nonsensical things about that case.

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:smiley: But you just said:

You can’t possibly know that! So now you’re pulling conclusions out of the clear blue sky to argue against Cox pulling conclusions out of the clear blue sky!

Did he prang your car once and didn’t leave a note? He seems to have offended you at a “lifelong blood feud” level. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yeah, Cox is briefly talking in the video about how perhaps Eastwood saw the film in theaters as he was in Rome?(don’t remember the exact location) shooting a film at the time of release, and that perhaps he and this Fox manager wanted to do a remake which never happened, but a few of the ideas did show up in Joe Kidd such as the mauser pistol and snowy setting.

I think he said something about the possible remake having to due with TGS not being released in the US theatrically because it was being held back for this reason.

But he’s stating it all as speculation and questions, not as fact

My wording as “a sort of rip off” is a poor choice of words on my part


I already said in a previous post, that due to the film not receiving a theatrical release, how would Eastwood have known about it … or cared. ‘Joe Kidd’ being a rip off of ‘The Great Silence’ was the basis for the comment. I said ‘very doubtful’… so that’s not making an out of the blue statement, it’s a reasonable likelihood.

Anyway, none of this is really very important to me. If some need a guru to make stuff up and tell them how they should feel about a particular subject, well that’s their business and misfortune.

I was just reacting to something which yet again I found ridiculous.

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I don’t know what he knew and what he didn’t, mate. And neither do you. But I’m not casting aspersions based on Clint Eastwood’s movie awareness fifty years ago.

For something not very important to you, you’re repeatedly getting yourself in quite a tizzy, pickle. Nobody “needs a guru” or needs any snide digs flung at them about needing to be told how they feel, or about “their misfortune”. If it’s making you this hostile perhaps you should step away from the laptop for a minute. Have a pink gin or a wank or whatever cools your motor. :+1:

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I guess we see here why I relate to Cox so well… we share a tendency for poor wording, creating untrue statements causing arguments on the internet :stuck_out_tongue:

And also a fondness for isolated cabins


… and that’s not hostile !? Take your own advice fella.

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No, that wasn’t hostile. I only speak to people on here the way I’d speak to their face. It wasn’t especially respectful, no, but you’re not behaving in an especially respectful manner right now. In any event, it’s literally what I think you need to do. The thread is there for everyone to see. You’re the one getting lairy with everyone and you’ve made your feelings known on this same one subject over and over, across multiple threads. We get it. Cox is a twat, you don’t like him, and everyone who does is a bellend for failing to see it your way. Okay. It’s time for you to change that particular record.

If you’ve anything further to add to this thread on the subject of The Great Silence, fill your boots. You’re more than welcome. When you’re not being an overbearing plum you’re an outstanding contributor, so bloody act like it. If you’ve any constructive, NEW criticisms to make of Cox or Tarantino or the raft of other things you don’t like, criticisms which add to or encourage a decent, inclusive discussion, direct those comments to the appropriate threads, but do so in a manner that isn’t as dismissive of others’ opinions as you’re being here. But I promise you I’m not wasting my evening arguing with you, Aldo. Life’s too short. I’m asking you: Calm yourself down, moderate your tone, and give us a cuddle. :+1:

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I’ve no problem with calling out anyone who makes false statements about spag history, especially if they do it repeatedly. I’m no expert on spagh facts or Cox though - my appreciation for Cox comes from his own work, not what he’s written/said about other films, so I don’t really know much about what he has said.

But the reaction in this thread is really my fault for posting that he said Joe Kidd was a rip off, which he didn’t say. I don’t remember much of anything about Joe Kidd, and apparently it isn’t anything like TGS, so the reaction to this statement by aldo is appropriate if he thought that Cox said this

I should be more careful about my statements :thinking:

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I like Cox for broadly the same reasons you do autephex, but in actual fact I absolutely agree with Aldo and others’ assertions that he’s fairly abhorrent with his factchecking. I think though I tend to see this - when it comes to commentary/introduction pieces; his own books are a different matter - more as the fault of those who keep employing a guy who only really gives forthright (and often factually incorrect) opinion pieces, to provide what are often held, with some justification, to be far more comprehensive analyses. That’s simply not his forté.

It’s not the only way in which I sympathise with Aldo’s position here, either. Personally, I bloody detest Michael Bay. I could happily fill the entire bandwidth available to this forum telling you just how much. So when I say “I get it” with regard to Aldo’s take on Cox, I really do. But I’ve made this point before, and I’ve really nothing else to add beyond repeating my disdain from now until the end of time, which I’d love to do but I’m sure everyone would tire of it soon enough. Indeed, @stanton pulled me up for my whinging and wholly negative diatribe at the time I made it and he was right to have done so. My point was clearly made and I’d really stopped adding much to my argument after roughly the twelfth “I FUPPING HATE HIM!!!” It’s a small man who doesn’t learn a little bit, and grow a little bit.

That being said: Yes, it’s all your fault autephex. Now drop and give me twenty! :grinning:

Now, PLEASE gentlemen: The subject is The Great bloody Silence! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Currently attempting my best to shove down very deeply my desire to buy this recent vinyl re-issue of the OST:

Got damned sons of bitches at Daggored limited to 500 :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: