The Great Silence / Il grande silenzio (Sergio Corbucci, 1968)


LOL … and you know what that means :laughing:


It also features lost footage of Silence giving Loco a yellow snowcone as a prank, thus justifying his death.

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Interested to see what Alex Cox’s take is on this yellow snowcone scene


The boisterous shenanigans left on screen in The Great Silence are almost on par with the hilarious outtake reel!


An extraordinary sequence, Corbucci’s finest work. My opinion is a fact, thank you and good night


Isn’t the yellow snow a metaphor for the rise of fascism … or a comment on the appalling lack of plumbing in the Colorado mountains circa 1870s ??? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I stumbled upon some of this yellowy goodness when location scouting for Straight to Hell. I strategically placed it several scenes as a nod to Corbucci scholars


LOL … Literally taking the piss ? :rofl:

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Found this on ebay

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Screenshot comparisons of previous DVDs vs the blu ray here, for anyone interested:

Suppose this is a must buy for me, hopefully in time for winter snow watching


The Blu-ray looks good, but that comparison of the colors is giving me Star Wars vibes.

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The colors are quite different, but I’ll probably prefer the more natural colors of the blu ray. As long as there isn’t a lot of DNR and such filtering, that’s the main issue I have with new transfers.


I recorded movies4men’s airing out of curiosity. Absurd censorship to the point of them rating it a PG. Can’t they just, air it at night?

I really wanted to tweet abuse at them but I don’t think they have an official Twitter :neutral_face:


Yep … very frustrating watching any of their daytime output - ‘Bullet for the General’ is even worse.
Perhaps they should rename themselves movies4-littleboys :roll_eyes:


The Blu looks really great. I have bought it but haven’t got round to watching it yet, it’s nice to know my money was probably well spent in advance.

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Yes, I ordered it shortly after posting as I had a coupon which made it very cheap, and this is one of my all time favorites. I’m very happy that it received proper treatment and is not a bullshit release, which I was kind of expecting given the quality of all previous releases.

I’m also looking forward to the Cox commentary. I know he isn’t well respected around here, but I still have a lot of appreciation for him & his work. I even like his newer stuff, although I haven’t gotten round to watching the latest Tombstone-Rashomon or Bill the Galactic Hero


I’ve got a lot of time for Cox too. I know he made some errors in his book but I still find it a very enjoyable read and I always love watching him talking about other directors and their films on DVD extras. I’m also looking forward to his contributions to the new Blu.

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I like him. :+1:

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Me too

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Me three.

I actually think he is very well-respected around here, there have just been some recent critical remarks, that’s all.