The Great Silence / Il grande silenzio (Sergio Corbucci, 1968)

About “Happy ending” version; was it ever released somewhere??

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DATABASE LINK: Grande silenzio, Il - The Spaghetti Western Database (

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Yep. It’s on both the american and british discs. Get the british one if you can choose though, because that one has italian audio for the film also. The alternate ending has no audio on either disc, except for an optional commentary by alex cox on the american one.

the french and german discs have italian audio as well, so does the Australian (which I own). the happy ending is quity crappy though and has no audio at all.

Thanks. But I want to know if it was released in theatres. Guess it didn’t (because of the lack of audio).

according to the DVD:

“This alternate Happy Ending was originaly created for Japanese and North American markets, where producers felt audiences wouldn’t tolerate a grim ending. No sound effects were available and there is some question whether audio for this sequence was ever created”.

if you watch it, and imagine yourself as a producer, you’ll think “how ridiculous” :slight_smile:

It would have made a lousy real ending, but as alternative one it’s so ridiculous it’s great.

The end of grande silenzio is great. I don’t like the japanese ending.
I’ve the german version of the dvd.
The score is incredible.

The entire movie is great. I liked Klaus Kinski in his role as bad Loce. Even the ending is very good. I can’t imagine a happy ending. The setting is untypical, but great. I also liked the acting of Frank Wolff. He seems to be a real sheriff :wink:

My problem is where to buy the (german) DVD - cheap if possible?

@ lode
I bought it at for 15 euros. I hope i could help you.

Oh, thanks alot. But I think 5,50€ for shipping is too much… ::slight_smile:

it’s fairly cheap at some Amazons and Cd-wow

But maybe a non-german DVD could be an alternative…

the German dVD is cheap at and the French one is cheap at and the british one cheap at

But it is FSK 18 in Germany… so there is no DVD at! That’s my problem.

well just buy the british, american or australian one :slight_smile:

but that will be so expensive like buying the german one.

well if you are from Germany, the best thing to do is go into a Müller or MediaMarkt and buy it there of course. But also check, or you can find bargains if you’re willing to invest some minutes or hours into seraching the cheapest price online

Great Silence is really great
and Moriccone’s cool once again

@Sebastian No probs for me anymore. I just bought the german DVD in Staurn for 9 Euro (together with Death rides a horse for 10 in Karstadt) :slight_smile:

I love the great silence. Having it set in the snowy mountains is definitely a much needed treat amongst westerns (even if it breaks the usual and preferred deserted town atmosphere stereotype). I also liked how complex and thought out the characters and their interplay seemed to be in the story line…some real thought went into it, not the usual hero/villain situation in its most basic setting. And as usual, Morricone is on point, i absolutely love the epic, beautiful and memorable score he did for this…without it sounding dated or typical. I give it 4/5. This film is one of my favorites so far (although i am fairly new to SWs).