The Great Silence / Il grande silenzio (Sergio Corbucci, 1968)

(Stanton) #301

In fact every action scene in Corbucci’s westerns form TGS onwards is more or less excellent, or let’s say ranges from very good to excellent. Even the final shoot-out in The White, the Yellow, the Black is well enough done from a technical point of view.

(tomobea) #302

Would like to see a Special Version made with the happy ending from the Italian DVD!!!

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give him a chance mortimer, only made 4 posts

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But all 4 posts had the same content. And if we have a quick look at his signature …

(ModernDjango) #307

This might be my favorite spaghetti western (hard to decide among the top few). Klaus Kinski steals every scene he is in.

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good but not so good for my tastes

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Spammers & Trolls have no souls. ;D

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Read up some in the thread.

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Col. Douglas Mortimer, you might want to edit your post which is filled with the spammers links. The forum spammers don’t probably really care if any one of goes to their site, the more important thing is that their links are kept in the forum which will help their sites’ rankings in Google. And while Google can recognize these kinds of tactics somewhat, and even punish for them, it probably helps that the links are now in fact in your post and not the spammers. :smiley:

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I read somewhere that Clint Eastwood wanted to remake this film, I believe some time in the 70s.

(sartana1968) #320

thanks to dicfish i saw the alternative ending in youtube
i have the english dvd and the other end has no sound
damn!! where can i find the dvd that it has the other end with sound?
please if someone knows anything… ???