The Great Silence / Il grande silenzio (Sergio Corbucci, 1968)

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[quote=“sartana1968, post:320, topic:122”]thanks to dicfish i saw the alternative ending in youtube
i have the english dvd and the other end has no sound
damn!! where can i find the dvd that it has the other end with sound?
please if someone knows anything… ???[/quote]

That’s the Italian DVD from Medusa:,_Il/DVD

Note that it has only Italian audio and no English subtitles

(sartana1968) #322

no english subtitles? damn! thank you anyway scherpschutter

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This is one of my 3 favorite westerns of all time. Just a brilliant piece of work. I posted a review on it at my blog, check it out if you’d like :slight_smile:

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just saw this for the first time via the R2 UK Digital Classics release. Was great all the way through to 1:31 then started pausing and skipping so i never got to watch the end. Am sending the disc back for a replacement very quickly so i can view the end!

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Superb film, but not one I could watch again and again in the way that I could with so many other movies. Bit bleak. Not that I don’t like a bit of bleak, of course. In a gritty, realistic human drama or similar. But I likes my Spags to be a wee bit more “Get the gold, overcome insurmountable odds with some unreasonable speed and accuracy with a six-shooter, lose the gold, kill everybody else with any gatling guns you may have buried hither and yon, get the gold back”. You know? Something to cheer at. Not much to cheer as the credits roll on The Great Silence. Nossir.

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How they can call this blu ray!!

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One of my favorite tracks…i share it with u :-*

(i encoded to 320)

have fun…

(ENNIOO) #328

Timeless track.

(Reza) #329

u didnt like?

(Asa) #330

He DOES like it. “Timeless” in English means… it will still be great in one hundred years, or in one thousand years. It will always be great.

(Reza) #331

Oh…sorry i misunderstood

(Reza) #332

And now…i share this one with u dear friends… :-*

please dont tell “Timeless” again (in a Positive meaning…) or i will KILL u.

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Thanks a bunch for these quality uploads! I’ve got the second one you posted as my phone ringtone ;D

(Reza) #334

You’re welcome amigo…

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Open the gates…another one is coming… :-*


[quote=“Reza, post:335, topic:122”]Open the gates…another one is coming… :-*[/quote]

It’s the same “[size=12pt]Timeless[/size]” track! ???

(Reza) #337

No,listen carefully…

it’s different… 8)


^Okie Dokie amigo!..It’s “Timeless” part 2 then. :smiley:

(Reza) #339

Sorry but u told “Timeless” again…

and Now … make your peace with god please!! i have to shoot !!!

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