The Grand Duel / Il grande duello (Giancarlo Santi, 1972)

(Silence) #181

What’s all the hate against this one? It was a long time since I saw it, but I remember liking it.

(Stanton) #182

Some people like it, some people like it not so much, but there’s no hate.

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #183

I don’t hate it, I actually like the film. But it has a few flaws for sure.

(Silence) #184

Everything has flaws, especially when it comes to Spaghettis 8).

(korano) #185

But these are bigger flaws.

(John Welles) #186

Even Gandhi? :wink:

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #187

LOL, and Cannibal Holocaust?

(egrorian) #188

I watched this tonight for only the second time. I didn’t remember much about it to be honest, other than the camp villain. Rewatching, at first I thought “oh, this is terrible” but admittedly the experience isn’t helped by the fact that my copy is dire (from the Diamond Entertainment LvC “Five Films on 2 DVDs” set - “Fully Restored and Enhanced Digital Masters” my ass!! ::). As the film progressed I started to enjoy it more though it still seems a mixed bag - Van Cleef is great as always but the film seemed to lack atmosphere with some of the music sounding like a rip off of OUATITW, seemingly trying unsuccessfully to add a sense of the dramatic to the scenes.

I rather liked Peter O’Brien and had no idea until reading this thread that he is such a mystery man about whom almost nothing is known. I must say in watching the film I too thought Van Cleef was meant to have caught the bullet with his teeth and was thinking, “dear oh dear…”

Maybe when I’m due to watch this again I might do well invest in a better quality copy - though isn’t it annoying that the recent UK DVDs of this and Kid Vengeance both have stills of Van Cleef from The Big Gundown on their covers? ???

(Silence) #189

That’s an exception ;D.

(ENNIOO) #190

Very lazy and / or unimaginative.

(John Welles) #191

No man is perfect; even he made mistakes.

(ENNIOO) #192

The only great man I have known was my Dad :slight_smile: .

(John Welles) #193

Spoken like a true son! :slight_smile:

(sartana1968) #194

there are no biger than django :wink:

(Sebastian) #195

Anyone who knows more about the uncut version, where it can be obtained etc, please immediately contact me! thank you

(sartana1968) #196

i will give even 100 dollars for the uncut version!! for me the movie it’s simple a masterpiece!
i don’t know about the others, i can’t believe they cut 7 minutes
wild east must be re-released it again with digital remastered picture and uncut
i wonder what scenes they will cut, i hope action

(sartana1968) #197

HORST FRANK forever!!!

(Sebastian) #198

KSM is… they are looking for the uncut material.

(sartana1968) #199

very good!!! i can’t wait to see the uncut version…

(sartana1968) #200

KSM can take the hand scene from the trailer but the other material must call director giancarlo santi
or the producers of the film