The Grand Duel / Il grande duello (Giancarlo Santi, 1972)

(sartana1968) #201

the title from greece was very stupid in english: ‘thunder under the sun’ >:(

(sartana1968) #202

i feel it the uncut version it’s close

(Paco Roman) #203

How you came to that feeling ?

(sartana1968) #204

sebastian say ksm looking for the uncut material so maybe we have soon the uncut version :smiley:

(sartana1968) #205

i can’t wait!!!

(cochino) #206

Found this one to be pretty decent. Had some major flaws and you can tell it’s cut but it also had some great scenes and a very good main theme that makes it an above average one in my opinion. The scene where LVC walks towards the duel, opening all those gates and with the great theme was excellent. And the trio of brothers were really good. I enjoyed this one quite a bit.

(sartana1968) #207

yes the duel at the end was my favorite, i don’t like duels very much but in this one i like it a lot
i still wait’s for an uncut print, maybe it lost forever how knows??

(R-T-C Tim) #208

How much is cut out on the German DVD, is it just minor scenes or actually plot? Is the UK disc uncut?

I have seen this twice on rather poor prints on UK television so I imagine this would be the cut version. Not the most exciting SW, but as a Horst Frank collector I wouldn’t mind having this in my collection.

(Sundance) #209

All the discs are cut as far as I know (although maybe the new Japanese disc might not be?.. the old one certainly is cut). Not sure what version the German disc has but judging by the length it is probably the same as the Wild East disc and UK disc and whatever.

The difference in length to uncut version would be around 5 minutes and over 50 separate cuts. :stuck_out_tongue: All the DVDs are around 85 minutes in PAL (also the old Japanese and WE discs) once credits are removed, while the old Toppic VHS from Germany is 90minutes in PAL after removing credits. The VHS is missing some boobies though. :stuck_out_tongue: There is a good quality 2.35:1 version around somewhere, probably from the German TV, that may be at least almost uncut (not sure if the boobies are still missing…).

From what I can remember when comparing the two version I think the cut version is better, in fact it seems more like an edit done on purpose to make the film flow better.

Only thing I can remember missing that should be put back is the scene where the old man touches the white jacket with his bloodied hands (seen on the trailer of the film) and maybe the gun (but the gun isn’t used anyways? so…).
Almost everything else just make existing scenes a second or more longer (or gives as an extra unnecessary shot of the passengers inside the wagon or the old man Saxon in the train station or the shooter there or Philipp Wermeer’s head under the waterfall or whatever) without adding anything. For example when Lee Van Cleef is tapping the bottle with his finger and the other guy charges into action right at the moment LVC taps the bottle the third time (I think it was third…)… in the uncut version we just linger on on the bottle and LVC’s hand for a second or so before the action happens.

(Mickey13) #210

Very good movie, but I’d still like to watch uncut version (It always makes me angry, when I cannot see uncut print). :’(
Very often I have a feeling it’s cut. Although the final duel was too fast in my opinion, just like in Quanto costa morire, I found it very nice and beautifully made.
Allegedly there is somewhere uncut version with a running time 100 minutes. I thought I could find uncut version on an Italian dvd, but it is also cut. When will I finally have an opportunity to watch this film without any cut scenes? >:(
I gave 4 stars.

(cochino) #211

The Argentinian DSX DVD is letterboxed 2.35:1 and has the boobs but it’s 89:36 NTSC so it’s cut.

(sartana1968) #212

grand duel needs an uncut dvd from kochmedia

(Sebastian) #213

that’s right. koch media boobs!

(El Topo) #214

any boobs ;D

(tomas) #215

grand dual boobs ;D

(sartana1968) #216

lets give another title
’the grand boobs 1972’ :smiley:

(Mickey13) #217

the grand duel of boobs :stuck_out_tongue:

(Bill san Antonio) #218

Didn’t remember much about this one and no wonder since it’s disappointingly forgettable film. The Beginning, appearance of Lee van Cleef and good main theme makes it worth watching but otherwise it feels like some c-grade Mauri film with cheap looking locations and stupid plot that doesn’t go anywhere. I lost the interest with the whole murder mystery. I like the villains: Horst Frank, the weird rag biting fancy boy and the bald sheriff. But I didn’t like Peter O’Brien. I think the film needed bigger star to oppose Lee van Cleef.

My rating: 3/5


Well, I wouldn’t give 3 stars to a forgettable film in no case. Maybe you enjoy it more than you think, Bill?

(Bill san Antonio) #220

Well, I guess you’re right. But I was a bit disappointed though. Without LVC I’d give it barely 2 stars.