The Grand Duel / Il grande duello (Giancarlo Santi, 1972)

I loved this film. The music was great, the acting also. The action was really intense and the story very interesting. While it was all quite “American” this movie was really enjoyable and gripping. Really among the greatest westerns.

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no comment :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:

I liked it when I saw it a few years ago. I’m keen on buying the Wild East dvd, but it appears to be cut. All current dvd editions of it are, according to the Sundance website.

I taped the movie on German television a few weeks ago. Unfortunately I missed the end due to a late start of the movie but as I saw it a few times before I enjoyed watching it again.

The movie is indeed great. The locations are not a similairto the average Spaghetti Western settings but are suitable for the story. The music adds much to the atmosphere. I say 4 out of 5.


There is a good DVD version made by Jerski on ebay he has cleaned up so many hard to find spaghetti westerns. He is offering many just email him for a list of all his movies I swear you will not be dissapointed.


Personally I’m not so fond of these ebay-bootleggers. I’d choose the Wild East version even if it’s missing some scenes. It’s better to support a company which is releasing so rare stuff as spaghetti westerns.

I once bought few titles from Jerksi and I wasn’t that satisfied. There are SW-fans out there who are making great quality projects available on dvd-r and are willing to trade or sell them for little money. Ebay bootleggers are only after our money.

I didn’t think $10 a movie was after our money! Wow stick with Wild East Love the stock photos on their boxcovers. PS Jerski has fixed Margheriti’s And God Said to Cain. You can totally see all the night scenes perfectly. So guys like Weisser, Betts, Ledbetter and others can stop bashing it because it came down to common sense that maybe you are viewing crap video!!! Plus this one (Jerski) replaces no questions asked any messed up discs. I wonder if Wild East does this? If anyone is interested he has the UNCUT version of Grand Duel nobody else is offering this!

I personally consider selling in ebay as ‘being after our money’. Not only that, it might also make it harder to find (as people won’t sell) originals from there.

He could just sell the discs by letting people know about him in the forums and selling them directly (like Franco Cleef does, although unfortunately xploitedcinema has recently started selling his discs) or trade them or share them for free through bittorrent or other programs. But selling more and more through ebay all the time and apparently removing the ones that don’t bring enough money anymore? That sounds like being after money.
But that of course is just in my opinion.

This (selling) of course seems to be the case with some other cult stuff as well…

the thing is… if you want anything new, or even old, no matter what it is (games, music, films, programs), and you don’t want to pay for it, you can get it for free from bittorrent sites and other p2p programs. Hell, you can even get tens of different fan projects of original versions of Star Wars films for without any kind of payment.

But try finding a spaghetti western… you need to atleast trade for it if not even pay for it. :wink:

About jerksi’s Grand Duel, this is what he says:

[i]"Not available any where else. This is a pristine picture Quality ENGLISH only Version of this the last really good Spaghetti western of Lee Van Cleef - The Grand Duel. The only other English versions of this film, a wide screen and a full screen, had small cuts that differed form each version. But each of those two versions shared one thing in common. Horrible picture quality!

This Version restores All Englsih audio to the Full Cut of the film. Presented in Excellent digital quality picture. 16x9 enhanced 2.35 letterboxed. A must have for Spaghetti fans!

I specialize in restoring unavailable English versions of rare Spaghettis for the true fan. Alot of work goes into putting these together. Beware of other versions of this claiming the same details. They are rip offs of the hard work and effort I put into this…"[/i]

I can’t say anything for sure since I haven’t seen the disc, but he says “The only other English versions of this film, a wide screen and a full screen, had small cuts that differed form each version. But each of those two versions shared one thing in common. Horrible picture quality!” Now I don’t know what widescreen he is talking about but somehow I doubt his disc would look far better than the Wild East disc (which probably uses the japanese SPO disc as source). The WE disc is far from perfect but horrible?.. no way.

And both WE and SPO are supposed to miss even as much as 5minutes, which can be found on a german VHS by Toppic which has an incorrect aspect ratio of 1.85:1. If jerksi had used this as source, he probably would have mentioned that parts of the film are in 1.85:1. And I have no knowledge of any other release out there which would be as long. (which does not mean that there couldn’t be other releases that long)
Now, who knows, maybe he has gotten a 2.35:1 totally uncut source material from somewhere.
But just based on the description of the auction, I wouldn’t bet my money on it.

Jerksi might be using the Japanese disc as the source for video on his disc. His mentioning of another widescreen transfer might refer to a bootleg disc by cultalleytheater which is apparently widescreen.

Now, if his disc is the same as the japanese in length, then it is cut by 5minutes compared to the german vhs… it may even be cut compared to the Wild East disc since the WE disc seemed to have few seconds of material which looked far worse than the rest of the film… thus they might have included some cut scene back into the film… but I can’t say anything sure about that.

About God Said To Cain… are the night scenes screwed in the new german disc? Has jerksi just used the german disc and put an english track into it? The jerksi disc appears to be in incorrect aspect ratio as does the german disc unfortunately.

…which I own and is satisfactory though :wink: but now we’re getting off topic

so what I don’t get: some bootlegger goes into lots of effort to restore an uncut version, and Wild East doesn’t. why? I mean, I love Wild East and I don’t care much about some lost scenes if that would require getting some bootlegged stuff, but I don’t get the principle…

Can somebody tell me who this Jerski is? ???
I searched on ebay but the only Jerski I found did not sell anything. I am just curious.

His name is Jerksi not Jerski.

I finally got to see this movie and was amazed at the ending. It is close to being one of the best endings by far. Still my favorite being the Trio (Good, The Bad, and The Ugly). The music was very Leone in a sense a part like Once Upon the Time in The West. The music in all was the best!!! The slow zoom in of the dark figure being Lee Van Cleef. I liked the different Saxon characters ( Eli Lawman, David power hungry opportunist, Adam murderous Homosexual) Great stuff!

yeah the ending is really great, after all, its the GRAND DUEL :wink: it is very american, yet totally fresh

Does anyone know more in depth about this movie? I mean such as the other actors who played the saxons. Did they do any other spaghetti western roles? I am at a loss trying to find out why Giancarlo Santi only directed one western there is very little info on him and no photo.

I too cannot understand why Santi only made one western, although I read that he was supposed to direct Fistful of Dynamite until Coburn and Steiger demanded Leone. The Grand Duel is a great movie and if this is a sample of what Santi was capable of it is a great loss to Spaghetti western lovers that it’s his only one.

Horst Frank who played David has been in a few Italian westerns. JOHNNY HAMLET is a must see and a couple of lesser ones but still entertaining and by no means bad entries with Horst Frank are DJANGO PREPARE THE COFFIN and HATE THY NEIGHBOUR.

Funnily enough I watched THE GRAND DUEL last night. For me it wasn’t as good as I remembered it to be but it still has some wonderful moments (the flashbacks, opening sequence, and the gun fights) and a superb cast.

interssting? can you remember where you read it :slight_smile:

I think it’s in Frayling, isn’t it?

i must admit i’ve got the Frayling books but haven’t read them properly, they are quite hard going.