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Hello everyone in SW Land,

I’m nearing my 3rd Anniversary of joining this fine community!!! At first I wasn’t sure I would be active on here a whole lot, but after having gotten to exchange many post chats and getting to know so many fine fellas here, I’m enjoying and want to continue to be a part of this very welcoming and friendly club. With having gone through a very huge and somewhat scary change in moving from the home and city I grew up in to a new one in a different State, and of course the COVID Pandemic (or The Sickness as two of my little cousins call it), it became so nice to come on here and forget about those things for a little while.

As a way of saying thank you to everybody for making being here so cool and wonderful I want to do a little contest. Mike Hauss is currently in the process of putting together a new compilation book and I have two items in it, one is a review of the German Blu Ray of Massacre Time, and a review of a film. I’m going to leave a single still of the film below and you all can have multiple chances to guess which title it is I reviewed.


Who ever guesses the right title gets to pick one of the films I’ll watch and discuss in the next Spaghetti Western Digest, and I’ll even put in "This title was suggested by etc. Now the winner can either pick one of five titles:

Gentleman Jo…Uccidi (Gentleman Killer)
Per il Gusto di Uccidere (Taste of Killing)
Una Bara per lo Sceriffo (A Coffin for the Sheriff)
Una Colt in Pugno al Diavolo (Colt in the Hand of the Devil) - the 67 version
I Vigliacchi non Pregano (Taste of Vengeance/Cowards Don’t Pray)

Or you can surprise me with with a choice of your own. Good luck to everybody! :grinning:


Has this scenario ever happened to anyone else on here besides me

(This may get a little on the ranting end)

The bank me and folks use sent me a letter saying an attempted fraud was made on my card, an Amazon hack naturally, and that they would send me a new one. No problem, about a week later the card arrives. Not even a week later after I ordered a post scale for mine and my Dad’s eBay shop, I get informed the same hack happened again on my brand new card. Luckily the bank is sending me a extra security laced card that should be here in 9 to 10 days.

I’m glad my bank is on their toes with stuff like this, but I still find it perplexing that Amazon could let something like this not once, but twice. I had no problem ordering with my debit card on Amazon for nearly 3 years, and then not once, but twice, someone steals my card information uses to try to buy 59 dollars worth of stuff, which is very distressing and annoying.

I like that I’ll have extra security, but a major downside is that now the bank will text me to make sure every purchase is me making it. Has anyone else ever had this happen to them?


Silent cinema.

Not everyone’s cup of char.

I love cinema, full stop. I’ve always been fascinated by the moving image that holds us all under it’s magical spell…
A medium that can induce laughter, out of character anger, empathy, disgust, horror… or tears because we can associate with the on-screen make-believe - that, to us, is very real upon viewing.

Such is my love of Silent Cinema. No dialogue, except the occasional quotes thrown our way.
The rest is left to our imagination, our emotions, and our state of being at the time of watching.

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Haven’t seen too many silent films, but one thing that has always fascinated me are when people make alternative soundtracks for a silent film. Since the music is all you hear, having an alternative soundtrack can really affect the mood.

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Ugh, that’s such a bummer sorry about that mtm. Can’t say it’s ever happened to me, but I always keep a different password for me Amazon/eBay account for that very reason.

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Hi, bud. My heart goes out to you.

I’ve had few dubious things going on with my account from time to time…but I put it down to my ex; incompetance on the bank’s side; or simply file it under the ‘Shit happens’ pile.

Stay well, and stay happy… :+1:


I use multiple passwords for the various online shops I buy from too, I keep 'em on the long side so they’re harder to crack. Thanks for the comment.


Thanks Toscano, hope you’re well too.

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Take it easy, Seb. I know I’m a few days behind, but it will get better,

My Dad tested positive for COVID-19 today, and now we’re all in Quarantine. My Mom actually started with it first, but she and I have pretty strong health constitutions so it didn’t hit us hard. They actually wouldn’t test me and my Mom cause we ‘looked healthy’, in spite of us saying our taste sensations were affected and we had perpetual coughs. Just so frustrated right now, I even went as far as to kick an old door hoping that frustration would ease up.

Keep positive thoughts for us here in New Jersey.


I just had two nieces come down with it in the past week so two thirds of my family is in quarantine right now. Thankfully, I hadn’t come in contact with anyone in a couple of weeks. I wish you and your family all the best.

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Sorry Makesthemovie, hope things turn out better soon. I’ve had some relatives who had to stay in quarantine awhile and while it’s tough, you do get the hang of it after awhile.

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Sorry to hear this, buddy. I hope everything works out fine for you and yours. When my family and I contracted COVID last November it was thankfully very mild (although my sense of smell never came all the way back, and from time to time all I can smell is cigarette ash right under my nose. It’s a common occurrence, apparently). Hopefully you’ll all only get hit with a mild dose of it too.

Are you guys vaccinated yet? How’s the vaccination effort going over there in the US?

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Thanks Asa,

Aside from a 48 hour period of feeling like my head had weighted cotton in it, it hasn’t been too bad. We all got vaccinated in early February actually. The National Guard took care of everything and it all ran like a well oiled machine.

For the most part the US has handled the Pandemic well in regards to getting shots out anyway.

All I’m hoping for is that my sense of taste isn’t affected. I love a good meal, and not being able to taste anything is a killer.


COVID Quarantine Update:

Feeling highly on the mend today, just sore as hell in the chest cavity, ribs, and back from coughing so much. The following Tuesday my Mom and I are getting tested to make sure we aren’t carriers.

Things are looking up at least.


So glad to hear it.


Sorry to hear you’ve not been well, buddy. My best to you…

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I’m sorry the coughing got you so bad there, mate. It affected mrs.caress quite badly too, right at the end of her ten-day quarantine period (I mean I say “quite badly” but it’s all relative, isn’t it? Many people were hospitalised and even sadly killed through their coughing and, whilst she was in some discomfort from constantly coughing, she was never in serious trouble. Thank God). I was fortunate enough not to have much of an issue with coughing or with, well, any of it really.

I’m glad you’re feeling a bit better now, though. Hopefully you’re over the worst. :+1:


Does anyone in the EU have experience ordering from since 1st of January (aka Brexit day)? If so, how much more expensive is it? And how long does it take to arrive?

I would like to purchase the Vengeance Trails boxset, but it’s not available for me on Amazon UK (I have the same problem with a lot of Blu Rays since Brexit happened), and I guess Arrow’s website is the only alternative for me.

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According to someone in this Reddit thread it is completely random whether or not you will have to pay extra import fees. I also believe Arrow deducts VAT from the cost of the order so there isn’t anything extra to pay there. The only guaranteed extra cost would be shipping.