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yea so far this is bullshit :stuck_out_tongue:

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Best to you, Seb… :grinning:

Anyone here knows where to get “Scanavo” replacement Blu-Ray cases? That’s the full cover ones that 88 and Indicator uses. They seem to be impossible to find…

Here’s a link from Blu forum, on where to find any case you’'re interested in getting replacements of. I don’t recommend Casetopia though, the pricing might look fair, but the shipping and taxes are terrible, I learned that the hard way :grimacing:

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Hello SW Lovers,

This morning I went with my folks to get the COVID vaccination. Getting an appointment is a headache, but the actual operation is very well run, and well ordered. I go back for the 2nd dose the 22nd. A good experience all around.


’Token’ appreciation…Never too old, or too late, for us oldies to show their worth… :grinning:

Still seeking…Beautiful…

Got my 2nd and last dosage of the COVID vaccine this morning with my folks. Arm’s feeling a little sore and tingly, and hopefully that’s all I experience. We were in and out in like 45 minutes, very well run and handled. If any of you all get the vaccine that requires two shots like I got, make sure to drink plenty of water after the 2nd dose, and Tylenol can be taken if you feel feverish the next day.