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Look at these by Italian brewery BrewFist:



I don’t drink beer myself, but the labels are cool looking, and I’d certainly love to display them in my Man Cave/Movie Room.


These are great…thanks for sharing…

I don’t always drink beer, but when I do, I’ll have a Tuco, eh blondie?

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Being half-way through this second Coronavirus lock-down, I thought it timely to wish everyone on ‘SWDB’ the best of health, happy viewing, and a bright outlook, despite the Government’s mixed-messages.
Unlike the first lock-down, I’m hoping that people are finding it slightly easier…? What do I know???

Anyway, my sincerest, and warmest best wishes to all ‘SWDB’ members… stay well, guys and gals.

I am known to enjoy a beer or two, so it would be rude not to sample the lot.


HAPPY THANKSGIVING to everyone in SW Land!!!


Hope you all have a fabulous day and enjoy the time with loved ones, and of course a wonderful feast of whatever type of foods you enjoy.


So, I felt a bit hot/cold Tuesday night; lights seemed a bit too bright, sounds sounded a bit too loud, and anything touching my skin felt irritating. Tiniest of coughs, nothing serious, but enough to make me think, right, get a test. Got a test yesterday morning, got the results back maybe 2½ hours ago: Positive. So, with my symptoms first making an appearance on Tuesday, I think we’re supposed to consider that “Day 1”. So, shall we call this “I’ve got coronavirus: Day 3”? A tragi-comedy in (hopefully) no more than ten government-approved isolatory parts? Okay then.

I’ve Got Coronavirus: Day 3

Symptoms haven’t changed much since Tuesday night. My feelings of feverishness all got worse yesterday evening but they went away altogether last night, although they were back to a lesser degree by this morning. At this moment in time, I’m feeling a bit shakey as though I’ve been feverish, but don’t feel feverish right now, at all. The cough persists but it really is very slight at the moment. Like, five or six little coughs per hour? If we weren’t living in the age of COVID-19 I wouldn’t give a cough this small the slightest consideration at this point. Felt a bit achey earlier but no more than I tend to when I’m a bit under the weather, you know. Breathing is fine for now - touch wood - and I feel pretty strong.

Worries? Well, I’m 48, diabetic and overweight. So I’m not young but I’m not old either. I have type 2 diabetes but my levels are so low I’m like someone who doesn’t have it. I’m overweight by 2st for my frame so, although that’s not good, it could be a lot worse. I dunno, maybe it’s that we’re on day three since I noticed my symptoms and I’ve still not been hit that hard (yet: touches wood again) or maybe it’s just that I know my own body, but I just don’t feel as though I’m in serious trouble within myself.

My big fear as things stand is with my family, and successfully isolating from them. I’ve got a 16yr old boy about whom I’m not too worried because of the way in which this virus seems to be going easy on the kids, but I’ve also got a wife who is overweight (she’s ten years younger than me though so that might lay in her favour), and an 18month old girl. Again, babies seem to getting hit a lot less hard than other age groups but, still. It’s a worry. Now, we’re in a small(ish) two-bed maisonette. The boy in one room, the baby in our bedroom in a cot, and the wife and I on a mattress downstairs in the front room (every time we came up to bed it disturbed the baby and, once she knew we were up there, she’d keep getting up. So, in order to give her - and us - a full night’s sleep, we’ve retreated to the front room). I’m about to start dismantling the cot to bring it downstairs so’s I can isolate myself up in the main bedroom on an air mattress but our house - which always felt perfectly-sized for our small family - now feels way too small to keep this f#cking thing away from my wife and my baby.

Called my 81 year-old mum, she inevitably freaked out despite my telling her in my cheeriest voice that I’m feeling fine (which I really am right now). Called my sister-in-law and she inevitably freaked out too, but she blubs and howls at the John Lewis adverts like she’s been shot so, you know. But we’re probably going to need her and her partner - my best friend - to do our shopping, and probably that of my mum too (we were doing her shopping for her).

So, that’s that. We’ll see what tomorrow brings, I guess.


Get well and hang in there Asa, I’ll be keeping a good thought for you and your family. Glad you decided to get the test asap when you knew you weren’t feeling well.

My parents and a close friend of mine have had there share of health concerns this year, luckily we’ve all been spared COVID, and are keeping to the rules, but we’ve known folks who’ve had it and they have gotten better so we kind of know what it is.

Try to keep a happy thought, and you’ll get through this, I know it.

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Sending my very best to both yourself, and your lovely family, Asa. You are the first I’ve heard of, personally, that has got this dreaded ‘pain in the arse’ illness.

Please try and stay strong, amigo, for yourself, and those close to you. With your indomitable spirit, I’m sure that things will turn out okay…

Get well soon, buddy…


All the best and a speedy recovery! (It’s probably no consolation now, but since March, three of my friends and a few more distant acquaintances have had this damned disease, and they have all come through it very well.)


Cheers, gents. Means a lot, sincerely. :+1:


I’ve got coronavirus: Day 4

Symptoms: Almost nothing. No feeling of feverishness - as relatively mild as my fever ever felt - and nothing at all of that nature for about 48 hours now. I’m coughing between 2 and 6 times per hour. Not a coughing fit mind you, just: Cough! like that. Is my throat sore? Possibly, but that may be where I’ve been breathing in my sleep through my mouth. And it’s so slight I might even just be imagining it, as though I’m anticipating the next sign of this illness. As though I’m mentally feeling that there must be something more here, surely? Truth is, I’m feeling fine.

Big worry of the day: My wife’s and son’s results came back and they have it too. My wife having it feels far more concerning to me than me having it, doubtless in part because I know my own body and know exactly how I’m doing. She doesn’t have any symptoms so far, though (I’m still not too concerned about my son having it, purely because he’s a teen. I mean I’m more concerned now I know he definitely has it than beforehand, but he has no symptoms, he’s as strong as an ox in terms of his general health and he’s in a pretty safe group, all things considered). In practical terms this obviously eases the worry of isolating in my house. That said, we’ve still got to care for an 18month old who will surely pick it up from us now, if she hasn’t already. We’re going to stay masked up around her, maintain our hand washing regimens and wipe down everything we touch but it’s difficult.

Best part of today: Now my wife’s got it too, no more sleeping/existing in a separate room on a bloody airbed for me. I know I only did it for one day but, still. Worst part of today: The approx. 400,000 emails from NHS track and trace, including at least a couple warning my 18month old girl of her legal obligation to self-isolate for the next 14 days. At least one kept directing me to a questionnaire about my movements over the last week which kept timing out and resetting itself quicker than I could fill it in, like the world’s shittest “Escape the Room” game.


Hang in there Asa, you’re doing great, keeping to your regiment is the best thing to do. From what you’ve said, it sounds like you and your family are asymptomatic or have very mild cases, which is a good sign. The masks around your baby is a great idea too, she’s the priority right now and you’re doing great with her. Keeping positive thoughts for you all here in New Jersey.


Hang in there amigo. It’s no joke having the 'vid … wishing you and your loved ones all the best and a speedy recovery


I’ve got coronavirus: Day 5

Symptoms: I’m bunged up and sneezing, but fine in myself. The sore throat that keeps threatening still hasn’t really materialised. The cough has vanished today. Fever hasn’t returned. Wife has had a headache most of the morning but that may well be from the ongoing battle between my mum and the NHS trace people who seem to be engaged in a game of “Who Can Text/Call Us The Most Times For No Discernible Additional Reason”. My son felt pretty hot and feverish this morning and he was looking rough but he’s brightened right up.

I’m halfway through my ten-day isolation period.

Big worry of the day: My son. Hadn’t heard anything from him by 11am so I thought I’d go up to check on him and he looked like that blond guy in Dawn of the Dead when he was reanimating into a zombie. I asked him how he felt and he said his head was hurting. He felt worryingly hot. I got his window open (bloody teenagers don’t like fresh air, do they?), got him a damp flannel for his head, a big glass of squash and some paracetamol. Had myself a bit of a meltdown downstairs with the wife, worrying about him, but although he didn’t look much better by 11.30am when I took him more juice, by lunchtime when I took him some scrambled eggies and more juice he’d started to perk up. By 12.30pm he was asking me to fetch him crisps, choccies and the first three series’ of Peep Show on DVD. By half past one he was bored up in his room and ready to join us. Temperature right back down, nose stuck back in his phone like a teenager. Good.

Been a quiet, waiting-around sort of a day. Waiting for my boy to perk up, waiting for something more COVID-like to happen to me. Currently waiting for our family to show up to nip out to the shops for us. My main symptom today has been sneezing (our baby is sneezing too; like me though, she’s otherwise fine in herself). Is sneezing a particularly COVIDy thing? I wasn’t sure that it was. The stress of waiting for something dramatic to happen, and nothing dramatic happening, is kind-of… well, stressful. The only thing we haven’t had to wait for is for the NHS track/trace people to text or call us. Thirty-five texts today, and four phonecalls. Still they’ve stopped emailing us which is a start, I suppose.


I haven’t got kids myself, but I do have a goddaughter that’s still going to school, and I do worry for her, though she takes every precaution herself. Can’t imagine the worry you were feeling though, but that he improved throughout the day is a good sign in itself. Sometimes I think it’s scarier when it’s a waiting game, especially when you’re not experiencing the associating symptoms of this pain of a sickness. Just keep thinking positive, you’ve got good support all around you.


I’ve got coronavirus: Day 6

Symptoms: A bungled-up nose and sneezing, the same as yesterday, but more so in both instances. A good few double-sneezes; don’t think I’ve ever done those before. I still feel fine in myself though and, of course, sneezing isn’t generally regarded as a symptom of COVID-19 at all. Breathing fine and clear, no fatigue. Coughing a little bit this morning upon waking but that’s gone again, and the fever’s still not made a comeback. My eyes felt a bit sore this morning if I moved them to the edges of my periphery up, down, left or right but, like the cough, that’s tapered off as the day has progressed. Wife has felt a little bit dizzy most of the day but it hasn’t been an issue for her. Son has been absolutely fine, no symptoms whatsoever. Baby’s head has felt warm all day but she’s not demonstrating any illness. She’s not off of her food and, as I write this, she’s happily pinging around the room chuckling cryptically to herself in that way that 18month olds do. We’ve given her a couple of doses of Calpol in any event.

Big worry of the day: Boredom. All being well, I can return to the land of the living on Friday which, until today, felt positive to me. Today, that’s kind-of felt like a long ways off. Without a baby in our life I reckon I’d be well into an enforced period of lockdown. I’ve got a 55-hour non-stop “80s Weekender” movie marathon all cued up for just such an eventuality. But the rigorous routine of a baby means that I can’t attempt it. Popping out of the house, even briefly, for this or that is often our way of breaking the monotony of our days and now we can’t do that so we’re mostly just sat here.

Told the NHS trace people to stop hassling us today. Politely, like, but definitely. Woman on the phone was sympathetic and sounded like she’d heard this particular spiel about not cross-referencing members of a single household a thousand times already. She said she’d try to get our names taken off of some list or another but she said they still have to contact us to monitor our progress (I don’t really mind that tbh, it’s the ceaseless asking us for the same details over and over and over and over). That was at about 11.30am and, in fairness, they haven’t contacted us since.

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Incidentally, has this site gone “dark”-themed for everyone else too, or have I inadvertently pressed some setting on my tablet?

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It may be a typical symtom of covid-19, or ?