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Lovely looking baby - congratulations to you and your Missus :smiley:

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Hey Congratulations! If I could throw a cigar across the Atlantic to you I would!

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Congrats. Filled the waiting hours with some spaghetti?
Great everything is ok. Now comes the sleepless period.

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Not while I was waiting for the birth, no; I just sat in a chair in the delivery room eating all my wife’s snacks (she’d been hooked up to a hormone drip so she couldn’t eat, and it seemed a shame to waste all those Peperamis). But, I’ve been doing “#Junesploitation”, a month-long movie-viewing challenge championed by a site called F This Movie which has been a REAL challenge this year what with everything, but I still managed to catch Requiem For a Gringo between feeds a couple of days ago (when it was “Westerns!” day). In about a week or so it’ll be “Fulci!” day, when I shall try to fit in Four of the Apocalypse. :+1:

Congratulations mate

My Baby Girl was born in 22/05 I’ll post a pic later, so they are the same age, when you travel to Portugal they could play together, while we drink a few beers.

The problem for me is the broken foot, my wife works for two and a half


Well congratulations right back, sir! :+1:

Maria Inês, doing what she does best, sleeping (and crying also)


She’s beautiful, El_Topo!


Congratulations! Here’s to many sleepless nights ahead!

Congratulations. Also a nice looking lady :blush:

Congratulations both!

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I’ve been seeing a couple of the old Koch Media DVD releases on Ebay for fairly reasonable prices. My question to everyone here who’s dealt with Ebay already is, have you had any problems with shipping, customs, etc when ordering? I live in the US, so maybe I won’t have these same problems, but I was just curious if dealing with them is worth paying the prices. Thanks for any help you all can give.

well you’re not dealing with ebay, you’re dealing with individual sellers. so it all depends. if they’re nice, they’ll mark a shipment as “gift” for example, which can avoid some customs trouble… if you want koch releases, u can also lean on some of the German member of this forum to maybe do the shopping for you :slight_smile: I might also be willing to let some koch discs go :wink:

Thanks Admin Sebastian. The prices I saw from sellers were at 23-25 in US dollars, and still sealed too. That the original price was 18 such-in-such in GBP, it was a really good price. I might give it a go and see what results.

whats up guys…been a while since i signed in on here…forgot what a great film community this place was/is! long live the spaghettis!


6 years is a long time to be away cowboy.

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I’d like to get some recomendations on gritty, dark psychological thrillers. Like the style of Taxi Driver, Rolling Thunder, Hardcore, Blow Out, The Conversation… It doesn’t need to be A-movies. It can be giallos or exploitation stuff aswell.

How long does it usually take for an Arrow order to arrive? (I live in Belgium) And do they put it in the mail box or do they ring at your door?

If sent by non-trackable post it can take up to two weeks to Denmark so probably the same to Belgium. Doesn’t need to be signed for.