Talk Whatever

(alk0) #4001

Inspired by the fact that Sebastian found me on Facebook and the fact that I’m not much of a regular on forums these days I decided to post a link to my FB page here (beacause I go by a fake name there). So if anyone wants to contact me there or just add me - feel free to do so here .

Cheers everyone :slight_smile:

(Sebastian) #4002

or via forum private message, why let zuckerberg in on all the dirty talk

(tomas) #4003

Well, I sent friend request to Sebastian many times with no response.

(El Topo) #4004

That’s why I don’t have Facebook

(Nick) #4005

I’m gunna add ya.

Also did anybody else notice that youtube is down? Like completely?

(kit saginaw) #4006

It’s back up… about 5-minutes ago. Just watched Shannon & The Clams’ Backstreets.