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I remember getting into the whole Slender Man deal about seven or eight years ago, when it was really big, we used to crowd around in a forum I frequented and spooked ourselves with creepy stories and images. I remember actually having trouble sleeping lol. Now I see this several years later after the hype died down and it seems like a shameless cash grab by Sony. I’m not saying anything about the movie itself though, this actually looks interesting.

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For a stupidly long time I’ve always wondered who the hell was in the wanted poster that Klaus is holding up in Il Grande Silenzio. Finally realized it Claudio Camaso from 10,000 Dollari Per Un Massacro lol

(Bill san Antonio) #3983

You know after Tarantino’s Django Unchained I noticed that whenever I mentioned Django people thought I was talking about Tarantino film and now this:

(Nick) #3984

I’m not sure how many are from the United States, so this might not mean much, but happy 4th of July to all of you!

If you’re from the United Kingdom I guess it’s Happy Treason day lol


I’m from the UK but I don’t know anything about important stuff, so happy Wednesday!

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I haven’t seen scherpschutter in the forums since I have returned…



Well, there he is, but he’s not looking good these days.

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You should urgently delete your post and apologize!

(El Topo) #3990

Well just read that Hollywood is going to make a remake of…Sacrilege:

The Wild Bunch

The director Mel Gibson

(Bill san Antonio) #3991

Yes, we know:

(Nick) #3992

You know with any other director I’d roll my eyes, but with what Gibson showed us when he directed Hacksaw Ridge I think a Wild Bunch remake could be pretty alright.

(Andy) #3993

I love Hacksaw Ridge, have it on blu-ray. If you haven’t, you should check out the HBO series The Pacific.

(El Topo) #3994

Just noticed now, these not easy to follow the news and to keep things on track.

Actually I like Gibson as a director, there are some parellelism with Clint Eastwood, Apocalypto is a very good movie, even Get the Gringo than he only write the script was pretty much OK.

But the Wild Bunch

(Andy) #3995

Was there ever such a thing as spaghetti/euro western TV shows back in the original 60s/70s era?


None that I know of, but the American series, ‘The Men From Shiloh’, did have a great theme tune from Ennio Morricone, with a credit sequence that really has a SW style … but then the balloon bursts when the pompous Stewart Granger appears :crazy_face:

(Andy) #3997

Thanks for that info, aldo. As usual, your knowledge on these subjects is vast. :+1::grinning:

(Nick) #3998

I’ve always liked Stewart Granger’s films, but I don’t really know too much about about him, how exactly is he pompous?


Simply his manner, just as the word is defined.




adjective: pompous

affectedly grand, solemn, or self-important.
“a pompous ass who pretends he knows everything”

synonyms: self-important, imperious, overbearing, domineering, magisterial, pontifical, sententious, grandiose, affected, stiff, pretentious, puffed up, arrogant, vain, haughty, proud, conceited, egotistic, supercilious, condescending, patronizing; informal snooty, uppity, uppish

(Nick) #4000

I like your definition of pompous lol.