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I caught some of it on movies4men a few months ago, from what I saw it was decent enough. Have you seen how much the Blue Underground DVD goes for now? :dizzy_face:


I actually like Texas Adios. Baldi to me was a very solid if not great spaghetti director, none of his films are in my top 30 but all of his films that I’ve seen are in my top 50 (except The Forgotten Pistolero which I think is more on the okay side) with Blindman easily being in my top 40.

I got it for a less than a tenner quite recently. Guess I was lucky.


The movies4men version is cut to pieces, as they have a nasty habit of doing. A few months ago I got a full English language version of 'Sartana Kills them All", which, as far as I can tell wasn’t cut … which is full of very naughty Spanish swearing, which likely wasn’t recognised,
Avoid any SWs they screen before 9pm, or you’ll be seeing the ‘U’ cert version :weary:

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Bloody hell! £40-£60 on Amazon (UK)! For that money I want Franco Nero to come round to mine and re-enact it for me. And maybe run the hoover around the place.

Maybe I’ll flog my copy, it’s only been viewed once.


Hope he drags the hoover as good as he does the coffin.


I was lucky then :grinning:

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This one:

Under £10 for a brand new copy !?

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Heh, I got Texas Addio at a local store for something like 2 euro few years ago.

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That’s the one.

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Amazon is useless when it comes to prices on stuff not readily available :slight_smile:

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Love this review: Just Say No to Spaghetti Westerns!

That’s how bad Texas, Adios is. So bad, it causes folk to issue dire warnings to the general public about avoiding the entire subgenre :rofl:

(it is pretty boring, tbf)


This reviewer has no idea how lightly they got off … Texas Adios is as it’s trailer informs us …


If this reviewer heard the Django dub I’m sure they’d toss the disc out the window like a fucking grenade.


HAHA! How does whoever wrote that sleep at night?

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They say the same thing about Demofilo Fidani’s films in the trailers. Which is true to an extent, I mean you simply cannot match Fidani’s genius.

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This might be good?


not sure what to think


perhaps this is worth seeing


this looks like a must see