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Very well said sir!

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I wrote some reviews during Spagvemberfest, and threw them all up on the last day. If anybody wants to dish some criticism on my criticism, I’d be appreciative.

Man Called Invincible

The Crazy Bunch

West and Soda

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Fine job!

For the expression ‘giocare col morto’ see here:

The working title of the 2nd movie was
Continuavano a chiamarlo Tresette… bussava solo a bastoni
which is He only knocked for Clubs (one of the suits in Italian and Spanish cards).
See below the term 'Busso’

Just an elaborate way of saying that Tresette was always ready to kill his opponents or, in the latter case, give them a beating.

The German poster summed it up very well… :relaxed:


I love that poster ^

(Nick) #3945

Okay, I always wondered what the deal was with the giant club. Carnimeo’s titles were always very clever and this is no exception!

(Esmaeel Gharavi) #3946

Hi there! Is there anybody here who access to english subtitle or english version of these SW:

  • Djurado (1966) -
  • Go with God, Gringo (1966)
  • Fury of Johnny Kid (1967)
  • Halleluja for Django (1967)
  • And Then a Time for Killing (1968)
  • Requiem for a Gringo (1968)
  • Shoot, Gringo… Shoot! (1968)
  • Vengeance is Mine (1968)
  • Twenty Thousand Dollars for Seven (1969)
  • Guns for Dollars (1971)
  • Il lungo giorno della violenza (1971)

I got 'em all but I do have a problem with Italian language!

(Søren) #3947

Check the database pages for those titles. A lot of them have had dvd or blu-ray releases with either English dub or sub.

(MMcG) #3948

Hi, if you can’t get the movies above from the SWDB pages then try the following:

Go with God, Gringo - have the Westerns Unchained Blu-ray with 25 movies (the movies are not Blu-ray quality, it is actually a load of movies on 1 Blu-ray disc)

Fury of Johnny Kid - (English subtitled)

Requiem for a Gringo -

Shoot, Gringo…Shoot -, The Best of Spaghetti Westerns - In the Tradition of The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly (20pack) (Region 1)
Guns for Dollars (Deep West, They call me Hallelujah) - as above The Best of Spaghetti Westerns - In the Tradition of The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Hope that helps!


I cannot wait for tomorrow to come soon enough, my “New England Patriots” are going for their sixth Super Bowl Championship Ring, which is pretty remarkable. I would love to see that happen, but if they don’t win… I’m ok with it.


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I might watch this myself. It’ll be on at about 1am over here in the UK but getting back into American Football was one of my New Year’s resolutions and although I was planning on starting fresh at the start of next season I kind-of fancy a look at this one anyway. I’ve no affinity for either side so I can just enjoy the game. I first started watching NFL when it came to our TV screens in the mid-eighties (Superbowl XVII, I think) but I sort-of drifted away from it in the nineties and, a couple of sporadic Superbowls aside, I’ve barely looked at any of it in twenty years. That needs to change, really.

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Interesting graffiti across the street from my hotel in Milano

(El Topo) #3952

Now we know you’re in Milano

(Stanton) #3953

He he, the background is completely wrong! Amateurs …


Yep that is the most Monument Valley looking Almaria I’ve ever seen.

(Sebastian) #3955

it’s from the 5th instalment of the Dollars Trilogy that very few people have seen

(Nick) #3956

Also known as: A Lot More Dollars.


Saw this in a magazine a short while ago:

(Nick) #3958

Nice. That photo is from Texas, Addio though right?


I presume so, I’ve only seen about half of that movie.


It is from ‘Texas, Adios’ … well spotted. Not a great one, and with a rather weak beginning, so perhaps, Dean, you’ve watched the wrong half?