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Haha, I went and rewatched that scene and it appears dark and a bit blurry, but it could also be the lighting in my room, or could be from the fact It isn’t a real bright scene to begin with, so I’m not 100% sure. The version of the film I have is the criterion collection disc.


Blue velvet is something I’ll probably get soon. I had a number of Italian giallo’s to watch, then a friend came in from out of town, and the conversation lead to a discussion on Mulholland Drive, of which I had only known of its status as a crime film, set on the west coast, and that it elements of romance and jealously. I still have to see Bullet for the general, as well as the Italian cut of face to face. But today dedicated to the Violent Shit collection ( at least the first film.) Haha.

(Nick) #3905

Found a video of this guy doing street performances, thought ya’ll might enjoy it.

(Stanton) #3906

It’s blurred.
You could see her pubic hair(cut) in the cinema, but Lynch, who lived with her later, disposed the scene to be blurred for home video releases. Then it is still so.

(El Topo) #3907

Got to confess I’m almost in missing members territory, well being encharge of something is what you get with work promotions, I’m doing what the CEo don’t wan’t to do, and force to do all the stuff the employes don’t really wan’t to do.

In result an absolute lack of time for anything else.

Hope things will get easier on my side, and I have a bit more of free time

(Phil H) #3908

Well, nice to know you are still around mate. Even if overworked.

(El Topo) #3909

And underpaid Phil

(alk0) #3910

Hello everyone! Thanks to Seb I am now back to the forums. Maybe I won’t post too much in the following weeks (because I have to renovate my flat), but I shall get back on track with posting soon enought :slight_smile:


Welcome back, (the) stranger!

(alk0) #3912

Hello, Dean!

(Phil H) #3913

Nice to see you around again alk0.


Get a cat! lonely old bastard.:grimacing:


What comment did you require, sir?

(Sebastian) #3921

woo hooo

(alk0) #3922

Thanks for warm welcome, you all are being very kind, I might not be around all the time like I used to be, but i still lurking. I have to renovate my flat big time and that is what occupies me right now, Still I watch a spag or two from time to time :wink:

(Nick) #3936

Anbody ever seen this sort of stuff before? Toys for Spaghetti Westerns? Apparently they made little plastic holsters and spurs for kids to wear, kind of funny that they actually created this stuff.

(ENNIOO) #3937

No never seen before, but looks cool !


this looks awesome!


I usually like these type of crime, detective flicks

(Nick) #3940

It looks like a good performance film… but beyond that the film making seems really empty and generic. I don’t want to dump on the movie, it’s just how it feels to me.

Actually that’s how I feel about most modern westerns… there’s this sort of ugly brown, yellow or olive color scheme on most of them, they feel devoid of style and are very insistent on being realistic and direct. Which is fine, but I wish we had more Bone Tomahawks and Django Unchained type films, weird westerns.