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(Toscano) #3883

One minute the UK Government is bombarding us with patriotic commemorations for the fallen of two World Wars (quite rightly): and the next minute, is permitting ‘refugees’ (who have thrown their passports into the sea), to enter the country, unchecked.
Meanwhile, on Youtube, ISIS supporters boast of ‘walking’ into Europe.
The atrocities that we have recently witnessed, in London, and throughout Europe, are merely the beginning.

What is abysmal, is that ex-servicemen, who have served their country, now sleep in doorways on the streets of Britain, and rely on hand-outs!:angry:

Johnny Johnson, who gallantly served his country, and has continued to do so with charity work, is just one among the far too many, who are over-looked - simply because they don’t have their fingers wedged in someone’s pie-hole!

Having said all of that, I bow to gentlemen such as Johnny Johnson. I salute this gentleman…and the other brave airmen who accompanied him, on the ‘Dambusters’ Raid.
Although, perhaps, forgotten by the ‘establishment’, you are not forgotten by the many.

(Farmer_J) #3884

I’ve got a few days off, so I’m doing something I should of done years ago. Finish my book. I started it back in college, as a psycho thriller, (even found my old notes on characters, synopsis for literary agents, and the first 9 pages), but never got back into the swing of things until now. Hopefully in the future, I could get it published, and then have the chance to say “I wrote that” to a random person in the street :slight_smile:.

(Toscano) #3885


You deserve a medal for actually having the nuts to go back to the original concept, after all this time.
It takes belief in yourself, to put pen to paper, after so many years. This can be an advantage, and a plus.

Use the intervening years, and your own personal experiences, to enhance your book.

I wish you well.

By the way, as well as being a psycho-thriller, can you tell us anything else about the plot?

Wishing you nothing but intrigue, suspense, and, the occasional murder…


(Farmer_J) #3886

Funnily enough, the idea is from watching Giallos of all things. This what the premise says on the papers first page:

A Private investigator living in America invites his friend from the UK to stay with him in Los Angeles, promising a better life and career, due to the friend’s many bad choices back home left him in some trouble. After arriving, The PI is contacted by a family out of town (Kentucky?, NYC?, Chicago?) concerned about their missing daughter, a wannabe film starlet who came to LA to “make it big”, which is eventually connected to some recent murders around the district. The PI an his friend decide to investigate, and slowly uncover more than they asked for.

21st of September 2011

(Toscano) #3887

Occasionally, the instinct is right, but not always…

I have no room to talk. I wrote a so-called Spaghetti-Western named ‘ANOTHER DAY, ANOTHER DOLLAR’, when I was aged 16, or perhaps 17. I was still at a British Grammar School, and had just seen ‘The Good, Bad, Ugly’, on T.V.
The 129 page tribute (as I saw it) to the ‘GBU’ film, will never be remembered.

Farmer J.
If you have an instinct, then follow it, right or wrong.

(Toscano) #3888

Farmer J.

Sometimes, a little light music, and action, helps stimulate the sensory…especially when it comes to writing…

Try playing both at the same time.

(Farmer_J) #3889

Wow. that made that scene more intense than usual. With my book, I considered many places for music, but never thought of how to crowbar it in. When I wrote about the location, I had mainly decided on the location from Death Wish 2, THAT part of LA, the dark, grungy, nightmare, and especially the track “Shadow in The City” by Jimmy Page kept popping up. Toscano, you should give that a listen, its a really great track.

Of course, some minor action will occur, and according to those notes from 2011 includes:

A chase through the dingy streets, through buildings and other places, ala Busting from 1974.
The various murders taking place throughout the book as well (lighting, intensity of the danger)
And some stuff I’m planning at the moment

As for the ending, I’m not spoiling everything, but I had the killer already sorted, his motive, and reasoning all write down.

Woah, after reading through my old notes I realised something. Younger Joe was more on the ball than Older Joe :disappointed_relieved:

(Toscano) #3890

As you suggested, I have just listened to this track, on ‘Youtube’…very atmospheric. Definitely the kind of track to write to…

(Nick) #3891

I found these pictures while doing some recon for painting references. Anybody know the reasons why Anthony Steffan and Leone were talking together? Possibly for a film role that never became realized?

(Phil H) #3892

No idea but they are interesting shots and get the imagination racing as to how they might have collaborated. Possibly a project with the working title “For a Few Roll and Shoots More”?

(Asa) #3893

Perhaps Sergio needed his ballbags shaved and he asked for someone to give him a good “Brazilian”, and they thought he asked for a WOOD Brazilian instead…?

(Nick) #3894

You know he could have had a small cameo appearance as a wood post in the background.

Zing! I’m sure Steffan is rolling in his grave!

(Farmer_J) #3895

Book Update:

Coming along nicely. It’s almost like my notes from years ago had planned for me to come back to them, which would make a great horror film.

Or book (MY IDEA! MINE!)

Anyhow, I’m 6 chapters in, still got a lot to go, but I have those moments where your brain just stops thinking about the book and wonders if it will ever get seen by anyone other than myself. It hasn’t stopped my from writing, but slows me down every now and again. I felt like this because my Great, Great Uncle who fought in the worst of D Day, and on into France wrote a book about his time there. I have it at home, and its a good read, but very sad. It never got published and it was a damn shame.


Mulholland drive is a neo noir crime film, with a sharp scenes of Hollywood California, plenty of mobsters and hitmen, and a fantastic scene featuring a nude Laura Harring. Naomi Watts plays a good lead, and Laura Harring is delivers her best performance, quite possibly the most attractive actress to grace the cinema screen of the last fifty years. Plot wise, I couldn’t have been more impressed with its nonlinear storyline, nightmarish hallucinations, and but the very last scene is one of the best of Lynch’s career and one of the best endings to any crime film. Ever. Has to be one of the best films of the last fifty years, and is easily the best neo noir crime film ever made. Easily.

(Stanton) #3897

For me Watts is much more beautiful than Harring. And the much better actress also. Never saw Harring in another film btw.
Different tastes …

Is Harring’s pubic area in that nude scene still digitally blurred on the disc?

(Bill san Antonio) #3898

You’ve seen Inland Empire, haven’t you? Brief role though and mostly with bunny mask. :smiley:

I’ve been watching her in Sunset Beach. Awkward confession: I’ve watching this show (again) from youtube recently.

(Stanton) #3899

Then I stay corrected … :wink:

(The Man With a Name) #3900

I didn’t like Mulholland Drive very much. Blue Velvet is my favourite Lynch film.

(titoli) #3901

I saw The Punisher. Can’t remember much of it. I think Harring was chosen for Mullholand Dr. especially because there is certain soapiness (as in ‘soap opera’) about her, which functions excellent in the movie.

And I agree with everything you said about Watts. Mullholand is probably her best role. She pulls off the twist that is the core of the movie on her own, with camera in close-up on her face.

(Asa) #3902

Mulholland Drive is imho the best picture of the 21st century thus far. By some measure.