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(carlos) #3841

Just heard about the devastating earthquake and praying our friends in Italy are safe.

(El Topo) #3843

Happy birthday to me

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(Asa) #3845

Happy 60th, Portugal! :slight_smile:


(Phil H) #3846

A bit late but Happy Birthday mate

(tony) #3847

Hows everybody in Sgaghetti western land today ?

Its hot and dry here in Agost Alicante infact very Desert like

(Sebastian) #3848

Hola amigo.

Saludos desde Berlin. Medium warm and not very desert like (but it is more like an urban jungle) here :wink:

(tony) #3849

Hola Amigo

Nice to hear from you in the urnan jungle of belin
I guess it is a busy place there

Here it is a dry dusty windswept desert very wild west like

(scherpschutter) #3850

Could be all over for this England manager after managing the team only once. He won that single game, so if he’ll get the sack, he’ll have a 100% record.

Quite a story …

(Asa) #3851

He has been dogged by controversy of this nature for years. Many - including Allardyce himself, of course - will suggest that he’s done nothing wrong here, technically, beyond telling a few bogus investors the ways in which managers and agents dodged FA rules regarding fees. But really, very naive for the FA not to think something along these lines might crop up sooner or later once Allardyce and, as ever, his agent Mark Curtis became involved (maybe not as soon as one game into his tenure, admittedly).

“James Tomkins and the ginger Harry Secombe”, January 2012

EDIT Aaaaaaand, he’s gone. What a debacle.

(scherpschutter) #3852

Wanted to add that remark as well. Surreal.

(Michael Baker) #3853

Southgate’s time to shine :sunglasses:

(El Topo) #3854

I’m offering my services to the FAA, already send my CV, I speak English and played the game

(Michael Baker) #3855

All you have to do is qualify easily for the World Cup. Once the tournament starts change the team and the formation from the qualifying campaign and secure a big pay off after a group stage exit. :grinning:

(Asa) #3856

Cardiff held inquiry into deal with Sam Allardyce’s West Ham for Ravel Morrison (We all knew at the time the sublimely gifted but thick-as-a-plank Ravel was being put under incredible pressure to sign with Allardyce’s agent Mark Curtis)

Mark Curtis has a history of controversy

West Ham deny wrongdoing in transfer of Enner Valencia

John Carew’s agent says Allardyce’s deal to bring Carew to West Ham made him “Very Uncomfortable”

Bent as a nine-bob note. But the FA would’ve known exactly what they were buying with their money.

(Asa) #3857


Got tickets today for the wife and I to go see Adam Ant at the Royal Albert Hall in London, in May next year. Went to see him a couple of years ago and he was tremendous, so I can’t wait to see him again. Don’t you ever, don’t you ever, stop being dandy, showing me you’re handsome!

(Bad Lieutenant) #3858

Producing a bunch of tracks, most of it vaporwave, but also other stuff.

Fans of Vincent Price might appreciate this:

Track I just finished is black metal infused witch house:

At the current rate I’ll be making one album a week, haha.


I’m so glad! What a relief! Sorry, I know this isn’t the right place – but anyway.

(Søren) #3860

Very understandable…

(Toscano) #3861

The perfect Tapas, for the perfect Spahetti…

To my mind, there are certain foods that accompany a classic Italian/Spanish ‘Spaghetti Western’.

The last few times that I was in Spain, I (along with Mrs. Toscano), I used to do the rounds of the local Supermarkets in the area (Roquetas de Mar).

I haven’t been to the Almeria region since 2009; and that must have been when Richard ‘Tuco Tours’ was probably thinking of ‘winding down’…

It was a good time… when I spent 4-8 hours wandering around locations such as the ‘Steven’s Farmstead’, and the Cortijo el Fraile’, taking photos…joy!.

To say that I miss ‘Almeria’ would be an understatement of the grandest order.

However; when we did venture into the dusty, bleak, and inhospitable dried-up river beds of Tabernas, we always brought along our ‘Brits’ idea of the Taste of Spain’…

In our case, it was two cardboard cartons of red wine, Manchego Cheese, green and black olives, several slices of matured ‘Serrano’ ham, crusty bread roll, anchovies in olive oil, a tub of ali oli, two, or three bottles of ‘San Miguel’, a bottle of best Spanish Port…and a tissue.

I miss those days…especially with many of our treasured locations now being lost to time and ‘progress’.

Anyhow…does anyone else have any idea of what would represent their idea of ‘A Taste of Spain’ (especially if it accompanied by a 50th anniversary showing of ‘The Good, The Bad & The Ugly’?)