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(scherpschutter) #3821

Not really my cup of musical tea, but good to know where the pseudo comes from

(Asa) #3822

I’m supposed to be reviewing a documentary about Lionel Messi for another site but the film was so f*cling tedious I almost put my own head through the television just to end it all. I don’t suppose this post would serve well as a review, would it?

I have literally pulled objects off of my own bumhairs which hold more fascination for me (and likely for many of you) than Lionel bloody Messi. I don’t suppose any of you gentlemen have 300 words or so you want to say on my behalf about this dull-as-cockcheese footballer?


Ah well. It was a long shot.

(Asa) #3823

Come on @Companero_M, you must have something decent to chip in about this tedious Argentinian? Give me some inspiration, and you’ll leapfrog Arnold Schwarzenegger to become my all time favourite Austrian :slight_smile:


I’m sorry, I know nothing about Mr. Messi. Ah, wait, didn’t he get into legal troubles some weeks ago? Tax evasion or something like that? And he said he knew nothing about the whole affair and simply trusted his papá … the poor boy.

(Asa) #3825

I’ve emailed the owner of the site for whom I’m doing the review and told him it’s all done, I’ve just got to publish it now. I haven’t written a bloody word. I thought putting myself under pressure like that might focus my mind. It hasn’t. :frowning:

(Asa) #3826


I just read it. Bravo, well done!

(Rutledal) #3828

Found this shirt at a store, almost bought it before I noticed.

(Søren) #3829

If you had worn that t-shirt and met a fellow spaghetti fan you would have been shot…

(Jonny Powers) #3830

I see posters with that same design and just wonder why someone would bother switching the titles…

(Rutledal) #3831

This appears to be the source image

(Jonny Powers) #3832

And does it say who created this monstrosity? :smiley:

(Asa) #3833

I like it. The flaw gives it personality. I wouldn’t want it on a t-shirt though. But behind a frame at home on a wall - yeah, it would be a conversation piece.

(El Topo) #3834

Guess it’s not the case, but these kind of stuff with errors or erratas quite valuable sometimes, I remember a specific Beatles record with na error in one the tracks

(Rutledal) #3835

The shirt cost €10 Euro and was probably worth less.

(El Topo) #3836

Not very active in the fórum in the last weeks

The fact is that I was promoted to Insurance Claim coordenator for Property and Commercial Claims.

the good news now I have more money to buy SW DVD BR, the bad news is that I’ve less or none time to watch them (I still can watch them on the shelfs)

In conclusion I just wish I was filthy rich and didn’t had to work


Don’t we all? Anyway, congratulations on your promotion!

(scherpschutter) #3838

Congratulations with the promotion.

(ENNIOO) #3839

Good news re the job, worked in Insurance myself many years ago.

(Sebastian) #3840

Wouldn’t you rather be filthy rich in order to work on what you love? :wink: Like the SWDb :wink: