SW Bargain Thread

(Andy) #101

Can anyone post which ones are widescreen and which ones are not? I’m thinking about getting this set…

(Bad Lieutenant) #102

This double pack can be obtained cheaply. Ordered mine for $8.32 off ebay.


Uploaded with [URL=http://imageshack.us]ImageShack.ushttp://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/23/doradorj.jpg/

(Argento) #103

I’m looking for the Dutch Film Works DVD of “God Forgives I Don’t.” I live in the USA. Does anyone have any ideas where I can purchase this for something resembling a reasonable price?

(the_ugly) #104

its in this boxset along with 9 other Spencer /Hill films :


(autephex) #105

Amazon UK is currently doing a Two Blu-ray for £10 deal on select titles. There’s some good ones in there overall, including some good westerns.

I just ordered Django, Prepare a Coffin[/url] & Mario Bava’s [url=http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B003Y3ZHUS?ie=UTF8&tag=spaghetti-21]A Bay of Bloodhttp://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00CTRQL78?ie=UTF8&tag=spaghetti-21 on this deal. Not too bad for these titles, even with shipping to US

(if you click the film links and then click on the Two Blu-ray for £10 link, you can view all available titles which are also sortable by genre. I’ve included the SWDB Amazon code in the links above so any purchases starting through those links will benefit SWDB)

(autephex) #106

Buy 2 Get 1 Free Bu Ray deal at deep discount until sept 17:


My Name Is Nobody, The Unforgiven, Hannie Caulder and some more westerns in there

(Jonny Powers) #107

Found a line on Code Red’s A Long Ride From Hell here, hopefully they have more copies (I already ordered mine):

(Argento) #108

Isn’t asian cult just another bootleg company run by Thomas Weisser?

(Jonny Powers) #109

Well, if Long Ride was a bootleg I wouldn’t know how to tell. Looks real enough to me :stuck_out_tongue:

(autephex) #110

I guess that technically it is a bootleg, if I remember correctly, because they had to remove it from the market due to licensing issues right?

(ENNIOO) #111

Think the Wild East version of A Long Ride From Hell had to removed from the market for licensing issues. And for that reason Wild East let Code Red use the extra with Steve Reeves from the Wild East disc. The Code Red version of the film is far better quality than the Wild East disc anyway.

(autephex) #112

ahh, I had it mixed up. I remembered that the Code Red disc was the better one, but thought it was hard to get because of the licensing fiasco when I guess it just went OOP

(Jonny Powers) #113

How would I be able to tell if the disc is a bootleg of the code Red release? Somewhere on the numbers that circle the center of the shiny side? Something in the font? Or would it be nigh impossible due to the near-bootleg nature of Code Red?

(Yodlaf Peterson) #114

[quote=“Jonny Powers, post:113, topic:955”]How would I be able to tell if the disc is a bootleg of the code Red release? Somewhere on the numbers that circle the center of the shiny side? Something in the font? Or would it be nigh impossible due to the near-bootleg nature of Code Red?[/quote]Have a load been bootlegged then?

(Jonny Powers) #115

I dunno, that’s what I’m trying to figure out xD

Far as I can figure, Asian Cult just has leftover stock nobody caught on to, but after Argento claimed they were a bootleg seller it’s got me questioning. Not that I care, it’s still a good release.

(autephex) #116

If its a printed dvd9 I highly doubt its anything other than leftover stock, although not impossible

Its entirely possible they have sold bootleg discs but that doesn’t mean they all are. For example, some wild east if not all would be considered bootlegs if the rights holders cared to make a stink about it

I don’t know anything about this sellee or the specific claims against them tho

(Jonny Powers) #117

Well, in the inner circle I see this: CRD2031 L1 and JJ28601-L0 and JJ28701-L1

What that all means, haven’t a clue :stuck_out_tongue:

(autephex) #118

I don’t know if those codes are related to the release or just the dvd media, not sure if they can be used for identification

As far as I know, if its a printed dvd9, uncompressed from the original, cover looks identical with same upc and all, there’s not much way to tell and it becomes a philisophical question

However, a bootleg like this would generally come from China or a similar country whithout copyright restrictions on production, but would show some obvious signs on the packaging

(Søren) #119

The annual Arrow Christmas sale has begun:


Cemetery without Crosses blu-ray can be had at £9.99. Haven’t seen it cheaper anywhere so that is a must-buy for me at least. A couple of other interesting titles in there aswell.

(Søren) #120

also Day of Anger is to be had at £8.99 of course for those that didn’t grab that in their previous sale.