SW Bargain Thread

(Bill san Antonio) #121

Thanks for the tip. Lots of other good titles too.

(Søren) #122

Ain’t that the truth. I ended up buying Cemetery and 12 others :smile:

(Søren) #123

Arrow is having a Flash sale that ends on Monday.

Day of Anger -> £7.99
Cemetery without Crosses -> £7.99
Requiescant -> £9.99


(Michael Baker) #124

Thanks for letting us all know. I will be checking this out.
Django Prepare a Coffin is also available @ £7.99

(Søren) #125

Ah forgot that one :slight_smile: That’s an old release though and can be had cheaper on amazon. Haven’t got Requiescant myself so I’ll be picking that one up at least.

(Michael Baker) #126

Just ordered 6 films from the sale including Requiescant. I’m holding you responsible :grinning:

(Asa) #127

A fat bunch of Arrow blus are in a “3 for £20” promotion on Amazon (UK), until the end of the month at least. Buckaroo Banzai, Madman, Eaten Alive, Contamination, Rollerball, Big Trouble in Little China, Who Dares Wins, The Burbs, Branded to Kill, Night of the Comet, Videodrome, Tenebrae, Happiness of the Katakuris, Rabid, Massacre Gun, Theatre of Blood, Retaliation, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Nightmare City, King of New York, Zardoz, Time Bandits, Mona Lisa, Bound, Milano Calibro 9, The Honeymoon Killers, Blow Out… that was just from the first 10 pages (of 64), so there are bound to be more. Django Prepare a Coffin appears to be the only Arrow Spag in the promo though.

(Bad Lieutenant) #128

Thanks for this info! Ordered the 3 just now.

(Rutledal) #129

I was going to grab some giallos in this deal, but then I got a insurance bill and had to pass.

(Søren) #130

Not spaghetti but at least European. The Gojko Mitic Sammler-Edition (12 blu-rays in a wooden box) is at 59,97 euro at amazon.de:

(djvaso) #131

Italowestern - Enzyklopädie 3 EUR 14.90

(Søren) #132

The Arrow Summer Sale is on:


Still only the same spaghettis but now Requiescant is down at £7.99 aswell:

Day of Anger -> £7.99
Cemetery without Crosses -> £7.99
Requiescant -> £7.99

Plus the pound is biting the dust at the moment for some reason :slight_smile:

Arrow offers free international postage at orders over £50 by the way so pick up some gialli while you’re at it :slight_smile:

(Sebastian) #133

still 19,99 for me… damn, trickery in amazon’s pricing

(Sebastian) #134

sterling is still EUR 1,21 though :wink: so not supercheap, but still… well worth it, they are great editions

(Rutledal) #135

Don’t forget Viva Django.

(Søren) #136

A damn did it again :slight_smile:

Django, Prepare a Coffin -> £7.99

(Rutledal) #137

Filled my shopping cart and my total is £49.94 :confounded:

(Sebastian) #138

so that’s only the price of one good bottle of rum :wink:

(Rutledal) #139

No, free shipping is £50.

(Farmer_J) #140

Picked up White of The Eye and The Mutilator.