Spaghetti Westerns: The Good, the Bad and the Violent (Thomas Weisser)

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I must say that I’ve enjoyed reading Thomas Weisser’s book. As long as you are aware that not all you read is necessarily true I find it very entertaining.

For reference purposes I use Ulrich Bruckner’s Für ein paar Leichen mehr which is a bit more reliable + more readily available in Europe (can be obtained from Should be on every spaghetti western fan’s book shelf.

Providing you speak german, presumably :slight_smile:

The real problem I have in regard to Weisser’s book is not the amount of inaccuracies in it, as these are easily disregarded if you know not to rely on it. It is its wide distribution and position as sole english language book of its kind. As a result it still gets used and relied on by people who don’t know of its flaws and, even worse, gets used by others when writing their own books.

For example, I noticed that it is listed in the bibliography of the italian Dizionario that has just been released. I hope this is as a result of the author’s being aware of the book, not because he used it as a reliable source of information!

I guess for me, this is one of the things which makes the work we do on this database so important.

Is best of course but the reference index lists each movie under it’s original Italian (or Spanish) title so this part of the book can be used by non-German speakers also. You miss out on the synopsis of course but it’s easy to find out who made or were in what and when. In short there’s a lot of useful indexes which don’t require any German-speaking/reading talents.

Well I read that, but what´s the intention of lieing ? Some films they invented ??? Strange… Is that true

I had dinner with Ulrich Bruckner here in California on Monday. He and his family flew back to Munich on Tuesday.
Ulrich would love to have his book translated and published in English but I don’t think any American company would tackle the job. Maybe a British book company? I use Ulrich’s book as a main resource because he covers everything including the music. He’s made some mistakes but they are minor compared to Weisser.

Tom Weisser simply seems to have been thinking that if he can get away with stuff like that, why not? Why bother?

I guess he was cynically aware of the lack of spaghetti western information (in America at least), and along with spreading real information he actually exploited the genre’s unknown status. Or at least used it as an excuse for not doing his homework (checking facts, naming sources, actually watching the movies, etc). Selling more Video Search of Miami tapes seems to have be the book’s hidden agenda. European horror films were hot underground items in pre-DVD times and Weisser never fails to mention the giallo / exploitation / horror credits of SW filmmakers, stuff that’s often out of place in a western book and appears to be there for the purpose of encouraging European horror fans into buying European westerns. This reaches absurd proportions when Weisser always singles out the “excellent” cinematography of exploitation director / DP Joe D’Amato that’s often totally workmanlike and dull, and it all feels like an attempt to get Italo-horror fans interested. I doubt if this was successful.

So… must go to the avoid list ?
What book do you recommend ? A complete one !


If do want a book in English I don’t think you have any choice but Weisser’s book BUT the as recommended elsewhere on the site Ulrich Bruckner’s book “Für ein paar Leichen mehr” is the book to get. Sure it is in German but has an excellent index including every spaghetti western released and ordered by it’s original Italian/Spanish title and with excellent info regarding cast / director / composer etc. and cd soundtrack info which you can use even if you don’t speak the language. The synopsis for each movie is in German of course. Includes a lot of other useful indexes too: Actors, Directors, Composers etc. listing what each contributed to. Recommended also for non-Germans.

Western all’ Italiana, Book 3 has a (supposed-to-be-)complete list of known spaghetti western sorted by a year of original release. No plot synopsis are given but other info is very reliable. Not to mention that the book reviews a huge number of little-seen cult SWs. Few films are missing (Amanecer en Puerta Oscura & Hanno ucciso un altro bandito at least) and some other claims seem strange (…E lo chiamarono Spirito Santo was made year before Carnimeo’s Spirito Santo film…??) but that’s almost nothing since otherwise it seems to be the most accurate SW book at the moment. Includes Italian, Spanish and English-language titles for almost all films, year of release, director, actors (both pseudonyms and real names are given), composer and other basic information. Paella & tortilla westerns have a small synopsis with some information why it’s in the book. This is the book I use.

About D’Amato’s cinematography… he was quite famous among Italian “B” films directors for working fast and still being able to make something out of nothing. Sure he wasn’t the best cinematographer working in Italy but given that the films he was working on during the 70s usually had a miserable budget to say at least his work was very impressive. Fidani’s best-looking films are those on which he worked with D’Amato, for example.

I would not enjoy reading the Weisser book with this level of incorrect info in.

I aim to have all 3 major reference books for comparison.
I have Thomas Weisser’s and despite some “errors” I tend to rely on it but
will be analysing carefully the other 2 great books discussed here.
I speak Italian so that will help with the Westerns all’Italiana . :slight_smile:

I wish a reference book could be printed to include the careers of such SWs

If you speak italian you should try to get hold of Marco Giusti’s Dizionario Del Western All’Italiana. I find myself using it more and more.

Thank you very much Phil H I will try to order that Italian Western Dictionary
as it is an essential reference work. Reference books are my passion.

I am extremely impressed by the wealth of knowledge, postings and high quality
of this SWs Forum.

It is an absolute treasure (and pleasure) to be part of it.

You are very welcome my friend.
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True. But you need the other two volumes else the index isn’t worth very much. Many of the movies mearly states director and you have to look up the rest in of the previous volumes 1 or 2 which I of course don’t have :frowning: Plus Bruckner deals out more info regarding each movie than Western All’Italiana does.

If you speak italian you should try to get hold of Marco Giusti's Dizionario Del Western All'Italiana. I find myself using it more and more.
The indexes must be useful for non-Italian speaking people too!?

The books mentioned are surely the most comprehensive regarding a quick snap shot of the entire spaghetti western release list but one book I can recommend which have been the most fun to read is Christian Kessler’s Willkommen in der Hölle. This is one fun book. Christian reviews a bunch of known and lesser known spaghetti westerns in his own style. This aint dry reading :slight_smile: Recommended for the German-speaking/reading crowd !!

Does anyone here has a spare copy of the Kessler book for selling or trading?

Absolutely. No problem with that part whether you speak italian or not. Plus, although I struggle to understand most of the reviews and commentary I can make out bits of it thanks to my smattering of Spanish and I have found some very useful stuff in it.

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