Spaghetti Western Posters

(Nick) #582

Love that Thai poster of Django Shoots First. I was thinking of nabbing one of them myself.

(autephex) #583

Yea its pretty cool with the nice coloring. They seem to be commonly available…

Now if I can just find some frames for my odd sized Starblack posters… I seem to have bought an original Italian locandina some time back that I forgot about. :zipper_mouth_face:

(ENNIOO) #584

Nice frames. If you have the cash I would be tempted to get some more frames like you said for the future.

(Phil H) #585

Yep. If they are affordable get them now. You’ll regret it if you don’t.

I also need to find some affordable frames for Locandine. They are not a stock size that is available here in the UK but the price to get them custom made is frightening.


Indeed. Here’s all the locandine i’ve framed so far:

(autephex) #587

Yeah I may go ahead and pick them all up. I was going to go this morning but slept in after staying up too late and now have to wait, but I doubt they will sell them because they are so large and priced higher than people generally want to pay for art at these thrift stores (still very cheap compared to buying new tho $12 each and fits roughly 40x28). Will be kind of a pain to store them though - Guess I will have to get some more posters so I can hang instead :stuck_out_tongue:

Tell me about it… I’m holding out till I can find some second hand frames that will fit. It will take a while to find a proper fit, but I may end up just getting larger frames and then mat the sides/top with a black/colored background.

You have a very nice collection @Dean

I am currently trying to resist the urge to buy some Italian original locandines… as you all can see, I was on a bit of a tear finding Italian ebay sellers last night… I really need at least one Fidani if I’m going to look myself in the mirror :laughing:

(autephex) #588

Picked this up for 8 bucks… extremely accurate likeness of Kinski

(Nick) #589

That’s actually a really neat looking poster. It looks like it was used in this VHS cover from 1985.

I know that some VHS’ releases had custom art made up for their covers, but I didn’t think they made up entire posters for them. Interesting.

(autephex) #590

Yeah I had seen that VHS cover before and thought the VHS looked cool, so when I saw this poster for so cheap I grabbed it up. It arrived today and when I took it out, I thought it was probably from an old video rental store because the size (24"x18") is smaller than a theatrical poster, and it looks like the kind of poster a video store would get. I wouldn’t think too many stores would be displaying a poster for a title like this though.

(Nick) #591

Exactly what I was thinking. I mean I can see like displaying promotional material for True Grit or TGTBTU… but a Fidani film…? Truly mind boggling lol

(autephex) #592

I guess they were really trying to milk Kinski, even though he’s barely even in this film… along with the alternate Fistful title. Perhaps they felt it could be a big draw with this advertising so they sent out posters along with the tapes… wonder if it was actually displayed. Weirdness factor along with Kinski, Powers, Mitchell, Cameron and Miles Deem on director makes it pretty cool for me :call_me_hand:

(Nick) #593

Good point, he was pretty big at the time working with Herzog.