Spaghetti Western Posters


I too have a fistful of posters in my possession:

And these are just reproductions:

(Nick) #563

Look at Mr. Bigshot over here! Damn you weren’t kidding about the quality of that Il Grande Silenzio Poster! That’s beautiful! The Sartana poster is also super nice! The only Italian varients I’ve seen are availble on Ebay and in terrible condition. Where on earth did you find a Sartana poster like that?

Fantastic haul man! I might just throw my collection up here too!


An Italian eBay seller :slight_smile:

I’ll admit, it looks better in the photo than in real life. It has plenty of inevitable splits and holes on the folds etc.

God Forgives is in the worst condition, and the large Django one is in by far the best. Goddamn pristine.


Couple more locandina…

(Phil H) #566

Very nice

(autephex) #567

These aren’t in my collection, but just came across an internet seller with some very nice photos so I grabbed them images up nice n’ good

(autephex) #568

And another nice quality image from a seller, Danish Starblack poster:

(Søren) #569

Nice poster. You’re 9 years too late though. Posted a photo of my copy way back then :slight_smile:

Got around 100 Danish spaghetti western posters or thereabouts. There are a lot of great ones.

(autephex) #570

Actually I have had your image here saved on my harddrive since back then :slight_smile: I just posted this new one because although yours is very clear, this new one doesn’t have as distinct fold lines and is a bit clearer / more crisp for anyone wanting to print custom covers, etc.

(Søren) #571

Ah I understand :slight_smile: I know that my photos aren’t the top of the pops. Would love to redo them at some point but I will probably not get the time to do so in this lifetime :slight_smile:

(autephex) #572

Your photos are actually great compared to most of what is available online. That is why I like to save any I find that are exceptionally clear - they will probably soon disappear as usually its a seller photograph.

Yes I get the same feeling about lots of things in this area of interest

(autephex) #573

I will also add that I am jealous of you guys in other countries that can go out hunting for these posters and other similar items, even if you have to travel a bit to do so. I would have such a great time making a trip out of this kind of thing, stopping for a few glasses of milk along the way

(autephex) #574

Found all these from an ebay seller in Italy while trying to hunt down any copy of the film - so far, no luck… haven’t found it available on any site so far, except a low quality youtube upload which I don’t bother with because these Mexican films on youtube are always terrible quality

El hombre de negro (1969) Raúl de Anda Mexican spaghetti
Released in Italy as Santana Il Killer Dal Mantello Nero

(autephex) #575


But she doesn’t wear Levi’s in the film! :yum: she wears nada, and then a pair of buckskin or suede trousers.

Anyway, nice tacky posters :laughing:




(Martin) #578

Interesting interview with Renato Casaro:

(Nick) #579

Super neat! Thanks for sharing it!

(autephex) #580

Anyone have any tips for identifying reprints of posters?

I have a fullsized Fistful of Dollars US poster which I always just assumed is a reprint because its in excellent condition, really doubt I’d find one in this good of condition given the age of the originals, but I was just measuring my posters so I could hunt for frames and noticed this one only has the original copyright date along with the sentence about the poster being for use in theater only and must be returned after showing. It has the original NSS number in the corner and from what I understand, a reprint should have an “R” placed before the NSS

I still think its probably a reprint that didn’t follow the requirements of adding the R and/or new copyright info… but am curious

(autephex) #581

Lucked out at the local thrift shop tonight and scored these large woodgrain frames with glass, perfect fit for full sized theatrical posters. They had a few more, considering going back and getting all of them for future poster purchases… these woulda cost a few dollars more at a framing shop…

and one non-spag