Spaghetti Western Posters


I too have a fistful of posters in my possession:

And these are just reproductions:

(Nick) #563

Look at Mr. Bigshot over here! Damn you weren’t kidding about the quality of that Il Grande Silenzio Poster! That’s beautiful! The Sartana poster is also super nice! The only Italian varients I’ve seen are availble on Ebay and in terrible condition. Where on earth did you find a Sartana poster like that?

Fantastic haul man! I might just throw my collection up here too!


An Italian eBay seller :slight_smile:

I’ll admit, it looks better in the photo than in real life. It has plenty of inevitable splits and holes on the folds etc.

God Forgives is in the worst condition, and the large Django one is in by far the best. Goddamn pristine.


Couple more locandina…

(Phil H) #566

Very nice