Spaghetti Western Posters

I thought it would be a good idea to start a thread so everybody can show some of their western posters :slight_smile:



Yes a very good idea. I follow up with the Danish poster for:

Cuatro dólares de venganza aka Four Dollars for Vengeance

Ooh I like that one.
Melodramatic hand clutching for pistol.

Cool poster yeah. It doesn’t say anything about the film and therefore is totally replaceble but it looks good. I like the money and the glass of whiskey…

You’re missing the four dollars on the table :slight_smile:

The Danish title Blodplettede Dollars translates to Bloodstained Dollars which is a better title than the original in my opinion. Four dollars for vengeance, come on, how cheap can it get :slight_smile:

The Mercenary (U.K. Quad)

Uh, the mother of all spaghetti westerns The Mercenary, nice.

Danish poster for Sette winchester per un massacro aka Payment in Blood

I like these Danish ones. They are like 60’s comic book art.

You’re gonna love some of those I post later then… :slight_smile:

Not all are as colourful as the above though, and there are a couple of ‘boring’ ones in between. Can’t be helped :-\


Nice one.
Where did Van Cleef get those kinky boots? ;D

LOL. Nice poster though. Classic.

My favorite poster from my collection. Finnish poster for Once upon a time in the west.

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Nice, another classic poster. Bronson was clearly the star then :slight_smile:

Danish poster for El Precio de un hombre aka The Bounty Killer

The Danish tagline for this one is great (rough translation):

“He gave the west’s outlaw gang a one way ticket to hell and paid with his six gun. Welcome to the cemetery.” :slight_smile:

Some great posters, amigos! I will start working on taking some pics of a few of my posters so I can share them here.
Might be a few days, though…

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My original Japanese B3 (front and back) for “Return Of Sabata”. These B3 Nakazuri (which means ‘hanging inside’) are really cool as they have pictures and info about the film, and cast/staff details on the reverse (in Japanese). They’re designed to be hung in Japanese bus/train stations. is a great online resource for anyone interested in original movie posters.