Spaghetti Western Posters

(Søren) #501

The Boot Hil one? I must say that I’m most glad with finding the ones for Bullet in the Flesh and I’ll Sell My Skin Dearly as Danish material of any kind for those two movies have been rather hard to come by.

(ENNIOO) #502

This one…and its of course a serious film, but as you know this can mean nothing in the poster world. Think its the stars big smile and the man who at first appears to be flying at the top of the poster lol.

(Søren) #503

Ah yes. Makes it look like a light comedy :slight_smile: But this is the style of the artist, a Dane named Aage Lundvald. His work is easily recognizable.

Actually the original artwork for that precise poster was recently sold on auction for virtually no money. Something like $40. I only found out afterwards sadly. Would have been on that one like a raccoon on a piece of trash.

(ENNIOO) #504

Yes like his style :smile:

(Nick) #505

American Poster for Death Rides a Horse (poor things a bit beat up)

(Nick) #506

American Poster for 1000 Dollars On The Black

(Søren) #507

Looks like the Italian locandina !??

(Nick) #508

Yep, it sure is. One of my favorite posters.

(Søren) #509

Yep, very nice indeed. The question I asked is that you stated in the post that it was an American poster and just wanted to clarify :slight_smile: I haven’t got the locandina myself but incidentally have two fotobuste from it:

(Nick) #510

Oh, I didn’t even realize my mistake! Thanks for the correction!

By the way those are some beautiful lobby cards you have! I’ve been trying to get a good look at them on Google Images but the only ones I find are far too small a resolution. It’s nice to see them with a bit of detail!

(Søren) #511

No problem.

Don’t want to blow my own trumpet but on my site you can see a bunch of fotobuste in semi-high resolution:

Not all of them spaghetti westerns though.

(Nick) #512

You’ve made my day. Seriously, thank you! It’s seriously amazing to be able to see the detail in these posters!

(Søren) #513


If you haven’t noticed you can change what type of movie stuff you want to see in the Type-listbox at the top of the page.

(JonathanCorbett) #514

Fantastic collection!

This poster with lead actress Rita Pavone completely ignored is rather curious.

(Søren) #515

If Terence Hill hadn’t been on the cast of this movie I doubt that it would have been shown in Danish theaters at all, so that probably explains it.

Also the title of the movie has been turned completely masculine in Danish: “The Crazy Guys of the West”

(JonathanCorbett) #516

And the only actress on the poster is… Nina Larker :open_mouth:

(ENNIOO) #517

Hill looks way to thin in that poster !

(Nick) #518

I thought I might add something a mite bit different to the thread. Renato Casaro, a poster artist that has created a few posters for films like Army of Darkness and Red Sonja, has a website that includes some early sketches, textless variants and concept paintings for a few Spaghetti Western posters that he created. These include Banditos, 1000 Dollari Sul Nero, and Bad Man’s River. There are also a number of other interesting pieces from other well known films. Some of these are availble for purchase. Thought it might be interesting to share.

Check it out below.

(Søren) #519

Wow. Original sketches. And not that terribly expensive either. Not that I’ll be buying any but shouldn’t be out of bound for some hardcore collector. Thanks for the links.

(Mark) #520

33 3/4" X 45" Spaghetti Western Art -
Creating a one of a kind poster done with an artistic transfer process involving multiple steps.
Unique and proudly displayed in my home.
If anyone is interested, prints are available.