Spaghetti Western Posters

(Søren) #521

The Danish poster for Una bara per lo sceriffo:

This is actually a photo of the original piece of artwork which I just ‘lost’ (didn’t win) in a bidding war :sob:

Death Sentence / Sentenza di morte (Mario Lanfranchi, 1968)
(Sebastian) #522

I would like to strongly urge everyone to add posters to the SWDb if they aren’t up there already

(Nick) #523
I actually didn’t purchase this one but I couldn’t pass up sharing it because it’s so nicely made. I attempted to try and find “Matanza” but I yielded no results on the SWDB or google. Also the actors names didn’t help either. Poster art is by Ezio Tarantelli I believe.

It’s a beautiful gem, and it looked to be in near perfect condition. It’s sold now though.
Here are some other images.

If the images are too big I can resize them if need be.

(Søren) #524

It seems to be this Japanese western:

Very nice poster indeed.

(Nick) #525

Well then! That was quick! No wonder the actors names didn’t come up! Honestly I didn’t know Japan made westerns, the only one I’ve ever heard of was Miike’s Sukiyaki Western Django.

Really cool! Thanks for the information!

(Farmer_J) #526

I have the dvd of this from Japan. Beautiful looking western, and Takakura Ken is a badass in it. Unfortunately, it only has Japanese language and subs, but it is not to difficult to see what going on and why.

(ENNIOO) #527

Cool film for sure !

(Nick) #528

This gem is for sale on Ebay again. Price is a bit steep though. Thought I might throw this here just in case somebody wanted to take note :wink: .

(forgot the link)

(ENNIOO) #529

Very nice, but to expensive for my taste !

(Bad Lieutenant) #530

As ugly as it is rare

(Nick) #531

I’ll agree, it has some faults (specifically throwing the photographs in the middle of a painted poster). But I’ll be honest the movement and action of the characters in the poster is just stunning.

(Sebastian) #532

New rule: if you find posters that aren’t in the SWDb, you must upload them to the SWDb :wink:

(Nick) #533

Sounds good, I guess I’ll have to talke some time to post them. I’ll see about making some nice proffesional scans of some of the ones I own as well.

(Phil H) #534

So I just got back from a week’s holiday with the wife which took us to Pisa, Milan and over the alps by train to Zurich. Lovely week with lots of great food, scenery, train travel and memories as you might expect. The happiest and most unexpected occurrence though was stumbling accross an old guy’s market stall in Pisa where, amongst all his old books and fumetti I found this nice looking Locandina.

Thought Stanton would never forgive me if I didn’t buy it.

(Toscano) #535

Glad you had a good time, Phil. I don’t suppose you brought some of that Alpine sunshine back with you, for the rest of us to share! :slight_smile:

Did you, by any chance, during your travels, come across any noteworthy film locations? I wouldn’t blame you, if you hadn’t…I would have been - as, I’m hoping, you were - just blimmin’ relaxing…

Nice to know that you had a good time.
Nothing but the best, amigo.:slight_smile:

(Phil H) #536

Well everywhere in Italy seems to be a film location but none for westerns I’m afraid. Certainly some of the spots in Milan were familiar from some Polizzioteschi I’ve seen. The square in front of the Duomo in particular brought back memories of the opening of Milano Calibro 9. Quite made me want to twitch my shoulder as I walked across it.

(Toscano) #537

Lucky blimmin’ you!:slight_smile:

It was only last year that I watched ‘Milano Calibro 9’, for the first time, and enjoyed it.
Good to have you back!:slight_smile:

(Phil H) #538

So the conclusion of this story was that it turns out the old guy’s daughter also has a shop in Pisa which he said had tons more locandine and such if I was interested and it would be open the following afternoon with him on duty. (it only has part time opening hours) So the next afternoon I toddled along with the wife in tow and found that he was not exaggerating one bit. Drawers full of locandine and posters from the 50s to the 90s. All sorts of stuff and far too much for me to buy everything I would have liked to. Some in good condition, some not so. But I picked out a few favourites in good nick and with the wife’s blessing (a magnificent woman, I may have mentioned this before elsewhere) I wound up buying 7 spag locandine and a polizioteschi too because I like the artwork so much. All at 10 euros each which I thought was pretty good value.

I’ll post them here and add them to the DB for you to check out.

(Phil H) #539

(Phil H) #540