Spaghetti Western Posters

(ENNIOO) #481

Nice poster !

(autephex) #482

Really trying to resist the urge to buy this one, as I already have the Yugoslavia version posted on the previous page… but a decent price for this Italian original.

May go ahead and get it anyway, because its just so dang cool

(ENNIOO) #483

Very nice ! Go for it and live of beans for a week :smiley: .

(autephex) #484

Haha, yes maybe I will do a whole month on beans and get that italian locandina of the other Starblack poster also

luckily I like beans :stuck_out_tongue:

(ENNIOO) #485


(Farmer_J) #486

“Don’t buy beans… BUY DYNAMITE”!

(Yodlaf Peterson) #487

Go for it, it’s not expensive :wink:

(autephex) #488

Well I had clicked on buy, but the seller wants another 18eur to ship to US which doubles the price and makes it several cans of beans more expensive. May still get it, but think I’ll probably sit on it a bit and see if its still there. If anyone else likes it, feel free … like I said, I’ve already got the Yugoslavian print

(ENNIOO) #489

Yes bungs the price up a bit for sure.

(Farmer_J) #490

I try to find the most obscure western posters (for a fair price), and some of the posters make the film look watchable, like this:

(pastposters) #491

Hi All, I am new to the forum, I’m a Dealer in British Quad Movie Poster as well as some US One Sheets and Thought some of you may be interested in a few items I have up for auction this week, Including a British Quad Poster for Navajo Joe

I have regular weekly auctions on ebay

and have a website with over 6000 items available to Buy Now, the website has over 12000 catalogued items for reference also (just click the include sold items in search results to view them).

I will be updating the category links on my website soon but for now Posters for Westerns are within the Adventure / Western Category.

If anyone has any questions feel free to email me.
All the best

(JonathanCorbett) #492

quote=“Farmer_J, post:490, topic:694” some of the posters make the film look watchable, like this:


This one is not bad too…


(Phil H) #493

Picked up a couple of original posters while in Madrid. A bit creased but I am very pleased with them. Especially at the price of 15 euros each.
These pics aren’t perfect either but you get the idea.



(Søren) #494

Finally a new poster for my collection. The Danish poster for Il richiamo del lupo aka The Great Adventure:

(Søren) #495

After a minor drought the following 5 Danish spaghetti western posters were added to my collection today:

Hævneren Shane aka Vende cara la pelle aka I’ll Sell My Skin Dearly:

(Søren) #496

Guld - Gas og Gavtyve aka Lo chiamavano Tresette… aka The Man Called Invincible

(Søren) #497

Indianeren Chata aka Il piombo e la carne aka Bullet in the Flesh

(Søren) #498

Buddy Gi’r en Håndfuld Øretæver aka Occhio alla penna aka Buddy Goes West

(Søren) #499

Pas På! Vi Smadrer Det Hele aka La collina degli stivali aka Boot Hill

(ENNIOO) #500

Fun looking poster !