Spaghetti Western Posters

(mike siegel) #461

Here’s some FOR A FEW DOLLARS MORE lobby cards.
German set 1965 (24 cards); French 1965 (12 b/w - 6 big ones in color); 7 English FOH (one missing);
Italian (4 + 1 big one, 1970s); French 1970s (set of 9), French 1980s (set of 12); German rr 1981 (signed):

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Now, this is weird

edit. ok the direct link to pic doesn’t work. Interesting site btw. loads of poster images and some have information about the poster artist etc.

(mike siegel) #463

I finally got the Italian OUATITW first release poster !

(Condition yesterday and today, after four hours of restoration)

To make my week complete, I got my last missing photobusta. At least I think,
sets of 12 were common in Italy, I have 7 small ones and 5 big ones. Anybody
ever has some information regarding more Italian lobby cards, please let me know…

So here’s the complete first release set :slight_smile:

(scherpschutter) #464

Beautiful, Mike.

Makes me think of my childhood. I used to hang around cinemas, to look at, and look (and look) again at the posters and lobby cards of the films that were shown inside. Today, the only thing you see in those multiplex buildings, is flashy, often very ugly poster with no appeal at all. It’s not that these old posters and lobby cards were always beautiful (colors were often completely off), but they were fascinating. If you had bought a ticket for a movie, and were about to enter the cinema, you looked one last time over your shoulder just to catch a glimp of them.

(mike siegel) #465

When I was 11 I started decorating at the local cinema. Of course the idea behind it was to scrounge as many items as possible :slight_smile: Guess my love for movie memorabilia started right then and there. I even won a 3rd place for my RETURN OF THE JEDI theater lobby decoration, incl. a self-made death star & Imperial fighters.
I still have my very first three posters dating back to 1979. (Enter The Dragon, Star Wars, Easy Rider).

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[quote=“mike siegel, post:463, topic:694”]I finally got the Italian OUATITW first release poster ![/quote]Fantastic. 8)

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[quote=“mike siegel, post:463, topic:694”](Condition yesterday and today, after four hours of restoration)

Great looking poster. How do you do the restoration by the way?

(mike siegel) #468

Using acid free restoration tape ( )

One needs patience and some talent (shacky hands won’t work).
First I restore the tears. Before I use the filmoplast I get rid of the bends and folds.

Then I carefully clean it as good as possible. Using wet paper tissues (not too wet
and immediately drying with another tissue). Most stickers can be removed by making
them wet with warm water.

Then I restore the paperloss. I try to find a paper that looks similar to the poster
I’m restoring and replace the missing pieces. Here’s a picture during restoration.
Above the EURO INTE there is an already inserted piece of paper. Can you spot it ?
(the last step then is retouching colors with pens. Colors give the final touch, check
the JOURNEY poster before and after)

(chameleon) #469

Very nice indeed, amigo! I wish I had the same passion though.

(ENNIOO) #470

Will have a go at restoring one of mine one day I think.

(Farmer_J) #471


Django The Bastard U.S. 1 sheet



One of my now prized posters, a very rare Day Of Anger poster, titled as Days Of Wrath, I got it from Lebanon ;D.


Apocalypse Joe French poster.

(ENNIOO) #472

Like the Django The Bastard one and the gun setup. Think I may have had a similar poster re the gun setup to Return of Sabata…Belgium poster.

(autephex) #473

Yeah that Stranger’s Gundown poster does look very similar to the Return of Sabata poster, both great

Always liked that Apocalypse Joe art

Would love to have my posters restored ala mike siegel’s work above… most of them have tears and nicks.

(ENNIOO) #474

Got rid of most of my posters really because of the tears used to bug me lol, but I cannot complain I received a good price for them.

(autephex) #475

Have thought about selling some posters since I haven’t managed to afford getting them framed, and not a fan of pinning posters to the wall… but still holding out

(ENNIOO) #476

I used to pin some on the wall !..the horror of it :smiley: . Would never dream of doing that now.

(autephex) #477

Recieved this one in the mail today ;D

[url=]Starblack (1966) - Yugoslavia poster

(ENNIOO) #478

What a surprise Autephex :slight_smile: …I would never have guessed you would get the poster to this one :wink: .

(autephex) #479

Haha, yeah… I like to keep 'em guessing and all :wink:

Would like to have gotten the Italian poster but got a good deal on this one & is in great condition, aside from one small tear in the upper corner. Will probably get the other version with the knife/hand in Italian when have some more funds available.

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Companeros UK quad for sale.