Spaghetti Western Posters

(Bill san Antonio) #341

Amazing, is that psychedelic one from One Silver Dollar?

(Bad Lieutenant) #342

I think Fort Yuma Gold.

(Bad Lieutenant) #343

Here is Silver Dollar, twice:

… and some others:

(Silence) #344

Great posters, especially the psychedelic one, looks like on of those Andy Warhol 60’s artworks!

(Silence) #345

The Spanish El Puro poster has arrives - hope the Rev doesn’t mind me having bought it.

(retask) #346

Ive asked this before, but where do you guys buy your posters? I know moviegoods got a nice collection but Im looking for more rare posters.

(Silence) #347

I bought the El Puro Poster at Cinecity has a nice collection as well.

(Søren) #348

Well, depends on what nationality of posters you are looking for. If you are after Italian posters go the Italian ebay, if French, French ebay etc. Not everything is for sale at the same time, sometimes you have to keep looking for years for the right poster to pop up at the right price. Thats collecting :slight_smile:

(Bad Lieutenant) #349

Uploaded 54 Romanian posters and put them in a gallery here:

(ENNIOO) #350

Nice…thanks :slight_smile: .

(Bad Lieutenant) #351

Belgian posters:

Thai posters:

Turkish posters:

(John Welles) #352

Those Romanian posters are pretty strange (in a good way), especially the fifth one. Thanks for uploading them Bad Lieutenant.

(Bad Lieutenant) #353

Thanks. Thought It’d be nice to have some galleries of different types of posters.

Here’s the Yugoslavian section I’m working on:

Perhaps Soren can do a Danish one. Japanese gallery is also a good idea.

(Stewart) #354

I absolutely love the Romanian posters. It’s really odd seeing mid-century styled spaghetti art.

(Bad Lieutenant) #355

Japanese posters:

Feel free to add stuff. I’m getting bored with it.

(Bad Lieutenant) #356

… and the start of a Polish gallery:

(Bad Lieutenant) #357

Czech out these posters:
That Kit & Co is really something.

(Søren) #358

I am currently adding all my posters, lobby cards etc. (both spaghetti western and other Italian genre movies and not just Danish stuff) to my own website (am a cms-webprogrammer so it’s all free :slight_smile: ) so there will they be added initially. It is totally (will be) filterable by genre, director, actor, country of origin (of poster/lobby card/press sheet/movie program/whatever) etc. so it should be pretty easy to set a filter that will generate the desired gallery and then that could be transferred to the SWDB I guess.

(retask) #359

Nice. Im looking for Japanese posters, Where do i go?

(Stewart) #360

Yahoo Auctions