Spaghetti Western Posters

(Bad Lieutenant) #361

… maybe I need to see this movie.

(Bill san Antonio) #362

Is this Two brothers in place called Trinity or what? Nice poster anyway.

(Bad Lieutenant) #363

Yeah, Jesse & Lester

(Dillinger) #364

Why haven’t I seen that flick yet?

(Søren) #365

I’m probably one of the only people in here that think that Jesse & Lester is a fun and good movie. But the times they are a-changing I see :slight_smile:

Defnitely the finest poster I’ve seen presenting the movie.

(Dillinger) #366

I think there’s no German version of it. :’(

(Søren) #367

You mean no German dvd? Because it is readliy available in the cheap Spaghetti Western Bible 1 set from the States.

Or did you mean no German poster? For I’ve got this one and know of at least one other version of it:

(Stanton) #368

Sören is right, the film was released in Germany.

(Dillinger) #369

Sure, but not as a DVD.

(Guerrilla) #370

onother one

(Dr. Menard) #371

Managed to snag a pretty mint copy of this German 73’ re-release poster of “Fistful of Dollars” on ebay. This is the first Leone poster i own. Shame on my head… :-[

(Stanton) #372

One more than I own …

(Søren) #373

I think the only Leone poster I’ve got (if My Name is Nobody doesn’t count) is a German one for For a Few Dollars More… Nearly won the original Danish poster for A Fistful of Dollars once but some bastardo overbid me.

(mike siegel) #374

But I have all 5 danish programs for the Leone Western (lovely little mini-books),
but not one danish, swedish or finish poster. Have to fix that one day.

Some of my Leone GBU posters (Italia, Belgium, Spain-2, Germany, USA):

(Søren) #375

Very nice selection. Especially the one from Belgium is very distinct. Nice.

Having been primary a collector of Danish stuff the last couple of years I of course did manage to get all 5 Leone western movie programs aswell as Danish press release sheets/press books for each also. And the movie program format is indeed very collectable and handy :slight_smile: Got around 125+ Danish movie programs for spaghetti westerns and roughly the same number of press sheets but ‘only’ some 70 Danish posters for the genre. They aren’t easy to come by at a reasonable price :frowning:

(retask) #376

For the love of god, does ANYONE know where this poster can be bought?

(Chris_Casey) #377

[quote=“retask, post:376, topic:694”]For the love of god, does ANYONE know where this poster can be bought?

Sorry, I do not a place that would definitely have one of these posters, amigo.
It is my understanding that the image used for this DVD cover is actually a composite of two different Japanese posters for the film. My source in Japan may be incorrect, but he is usually spot on.

At any rate, the last time I saw any Japanese posters for this film for sale they were on eBay and they sold for well over $100.00 and neither one of them was in very good condition. That was about a year ago. Prior to that, I know of a fellow that saw one in a shop in Tokyo and the price (in US Dollars) was roughly $300.00!

I can recommend this eBay seller:!/
He doesn’t have anything up for sale, at the moment; but, keep checking.

He also has a website, which is located here:
He has a few Leone posters up for grabs there, right now; but, as is expected, they don’t sell cheap.

Best of luck to you!

(mike siegel) #378

Yes, it is a composite. The source is the japanese 2-panel (door panel). Kinski is on the top, Jean-Louis below him…

(Bad Lieutenant) #379

(Dr. Menard) #380

Bought some new SW collectibles for my collection. Now gotta save the money to get them framed…

After months of searching i finally found an original Italian locandina of Corbucci’s “Django” and a nice looking Belgian poster of “Il Grande Silenzio”.

2 German lobby cards from Fulci’s “Four of the Apocalypse”