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(Søren) #161

I’ve only got their old The Deserter soundtrack (and the expanded re-release on my wish list) and it’s been a long time since I listened to it so can’t really say :slight_smile:

(ENNIOO) #162

Thanks Søren.

(Søren) #163

Beat Records is releasing Campa carogna la taglia cresce by Nico Fidenco:

(Tom B.) #164

It’s about time. I’ve been waiting for this one for a long time. Does anyone know if the vocal by Stephen Boyd going to be included?

(Phil H) #165

Would seem pointless to release without it. That damn song is the most memorable thing from the film. :wink:

(Søren) #166

I’m almost a 100% sure that it will. That track was included on the recent 6CD Nico Fidenco box set from GDM so there shouldn’t be a rights issue holding it back which seem often to be the case when these things are missing from the score.

(ENNIOO) #167

Will have to get it then ;D .

(Tom B.) #168

Thanks guys. I’ll have to get two as it’s my brothers favorite SW vocal. ;D

(Søren) #169

Cometa is releasing the complete score for Mannaja by the De Angelis-brothers:

20 tracks, 37 min 40 seks. so can’t be more than what 10 minutes of extra music compared to the old RCA-release !? Well, one must have to purchase it I guess :slight_smile:

(Tom B.) #170

GDM Label #GDMCLUB7102
The Wilder Brothers

(Søren) #171

Yes just noticed it was being released aswell… Damn it’s turning out to be another great year for spaghetti western soundtrack collecting and listening 8)

(Søren) #172

Sorry, didn’t see you until now Spuff… :slight_smile: Its true that many spaghetti westerns scores have variations of the same notes/styles but isn’t that true of a lot of soundtracks or music in general? Who was the first to put certain notes in sequence can be a tough call.

Well, nothing new being released really but a couple of long out of print GDM-titles are apparently being reprinted in 300-copy ltd. eds:

Ballata per un pistolero
Ringo il volto della vendetta
Da uomo a uomo

All good stuff so if you didn’t manage to get hold of these the first time around now is a good time :slight_smile:

(Søren) #173

Nice bunch of releases from GDM on the way:

Dinamite Jim
La vita, a volte, e’ molto dura, vero Provvidenza?

(Tom B.) #174

Digitmovies #CDDM185
16 tracks plus 9 bonus tracks

(Søren) #175

Vado l’ammazzo e torno soundtrack coming from Beat Records:

16 tracks / 41m 59 sec

(Tom B.) #176

El Condor and Viva Villa available on May 16, 2011
from Universal France 24 tracks.

(Tom B.) #177

Available June 15, 2011 from Euro Score

(Tom B.) #178

(Tom B.) #179

(djvaso) #180

Sartana non perdona by Franceso de Masi from Beat Records will be available on 26th of September.